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  1. me and a team do a small bore day every year at the start of the season all partridge its great fun .410 or 28 bore it normally a 100 bird day .proper good fun day and a great way to start the season .we pay £400 which includes the keepers tip
  2. someone I know did this in Jan 18 they took 4 shots each then swapped
  3. shot a dog fox in very good condition with my nv on a t3 hunter in .223 cal 55 grain 10/4/17 12 midnight
  4. Got a txt message from a farmer mate of mine ,loads of pigeons on the drilling.... dam I have just started my 7 on shift cannot till next Friday he has 500 Arce wheat and barley to drill so hopefully there will still some about .
  5. 15/16 oz of 6 or 7 shot in my 16 bore has done me fine for 30 years for game and pigeon .I think 32 gms of 6 shot is a bit heavy for me to use all day over decoys
  6. ivy berries in my garden .clover and rape 1000s on the rape still hope to get out Friday
  7. I went the other day and shot 6 for 6 then it all went wrong I never hit another one went home with 6 for 20 should have stopped at 6
  8. I use 100grn power shock £ 22 to 25 depends on which shop you go to
  9. no I don't think so .its just something I would never do I have shot on this land for 30 years and took loads of people out as far as I know nobody has then gone to the farmer and asked if they could shoot the geese or pigeons behind my back after an invite .I just think in under hand .and something I would never do .this is not just a mate has been to Scotland on trips with our sons shooting .this is somebody I trusted .
  10. I took a mate (so called ) on one of my perms goose shooting and pigeon shooting loads of times over the last ten years ,I just rang him for a chat and he informs me he knocked on the farmers door this week and he now shoots there , .funny he now has the hump because I told him to **** off and what a **** thing to do .he sent me a txt saying sorry and how he has lost his job and now has to much time on his hands .
  11. nearly all the pigeon my game dealer deals with go to France
  12. I hate it when the beaters call your name ,but forward or back gun is ok
  13. ponsness and warren du o matic 375 reloading press loads 12 and 10 bore up to 3 1/2 inch shell plus loads of steel / lead shot, bushes etc and cases every thing you need to start reloading £350
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