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  1. Pair of brand new moleskin trousers with the tag still on - 32R. Picked up at the gamefair a couple of years ago and didn't fit from day one! Anyone give me £20 posted for them? Pm me
  2. Has anyone managed to find the promised licences on gov.uk at 5pm?
  3. Afraid I'm ideally looking at buying the standard vest without backpack which can be bought new for £35
  4. Is this the one with the mini-backpack incorporated or not?
  5. Yes, this fiasco has shown just how few people actually understand the terms of the general licence. To be honest, this has just been a very clever ploy by WJ to expose the loophole and NE had no choice but to revoke the licences to protect people from further, unknowingly breaking the law. I am relatively hopeful that new licences will be in place soon that see us back to a similar position as we were. Monday is most likely optimistic as NE have been through a number of draft licences since WJ made their intentions known last month but have not reached a legally sound one yet, but at some stage we will get there imo. New licences will be more specific covering specific species and scenarios, eg wood pigeons causing economic damage to crops
  6. How tall is the bucket? And does the top swivel?
  7. I'll have the 3/4 extended teague please
  8. Few clips from a bag of 61 from last saturday. Unfortunately the GoPro cut out so only half the flight was filmed but there are still a few decent clips. This was some of the best sport I have had all season, especially in the early stages where birds were above treetops where not much was under 35 yards!
  9. The useless dog is just that. Useless. He is probably the most naturally gifted dog I've ever had and has already pulled off some fantastic retrieves, BUT it is impossible to take him anywhere. If beating he runs straight towards the sound of the first shot, hence knackering the drive. Then when stood with the gun he will bark at me to no end - so much so I have had to pack up early from wildfowling flights to avoid upsetting others. I have trained many excellent labradors but this one is just a headcase, shame really as he has all the potential and is a lovely dog in the house.
  10. Looking to buy a part/fully trained labrador to replace the useless one I have! Where should I look/contact? I would think there will be a few field triallers who sell trained dogs that haven't quite got what it takes? Any advice appreciated
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