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  1. How tall is the bucket? And does the top swivel?
  2. I'll have the 3/4 extended teague please
  3. The useless dog is just that. Useless. He is probably the most naturally gifted dog I've ever had and has already pulled off some fantastic retrieves, BUT it is impossible to take him anywhere. If beating he runs straight towards the sound of the first shot, hence knackering the drive. Then when stood with the gun he will bark at me to no end - so much so I have had to pack up early from wildfowling flights to avoid upsetting others. I have trained many excellent labradors but this one is just a headcase, shame really as he has all the potential and is a lovely dog in the house.
  4. Looking to buy a part/fully trained labrador to replace the useless one I have! Where should I look/contact? I would think there will be a few field triallers who sell trained dogs that haven't quite got what it takes? Any advice appreciated
  5. Would you split? I wouldn't mind one of each
  6. Taking the argument of being able to hit them at such ranges out of the question, I believe pheasants can be killed reasonably consistently at these kind of ranges IF the correct kit is used. On many of the large high-bird shoots around me 40-50g loads of #3 are common, however many opt for a no.4. A few years back (pre lead ban) a great deal of wildfowlers swore by no.3 for foreshore geese - so why wouldn't it be able to deal with a pheasant? Heavy guns, full chokes and loads such as those I have mentioned make the job doable. I'm not saying this is my cup of tea at all, and would much rather shoot 'nice height' pheasants (40-50 yards) with a moderate load, but each to their own. We shouldn't knock those who are skilled enough to do it, it is those who don't have the skills but do it anyway (wounding birds in the process) we should discourage. Back to the matter in hand... fibre wadded cartridges are renowned for not patterning as tightly as plas wads, but the striking energy of like for like pellets will be the same. It is only the difference in patterns that will make fibres less effective at range.
  7. Tend to mix it up a fair bit with the obvious exceptions (the warren, high tower etc)
  8. Fantastic ground and more specifically for you they have two different height towers
  9. Didn't really rate them to be honest but each to their own - try them and see
  10. I tie my own, but to purchase one would surely need photos of the flies to see if they are well tied/good patterns?
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