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  1. I'm lucky, my spaniel allows me to brush her teeth on a daily basis. In fact she starts licking her lips as soon as she sees the toothbrush 😄 I use liver flavoured dog toothpaste, but its £4 a tube. Any ideas on and alternative?
  2. My first gun was a 101, 44 yrs ago! sadly had to let it go a long time ago, when times were hard and I hadn't shot for a few years.
  3. Just had another day which I had booked cancelled yesterday. It appears to me the shoots who planned for not getting birds from France and did something about it earlier enough are OK. Others decided not to bother at all this season, but many left it too late hoping that the ban would be lifted and are now scratching around for the birds that are available at silly prices like £5 for a day old.
  4. Last summer, I had not seen as many rabbits around us for years, it was like a population explosion. Alas they almost all disappeared over night. Got to be RHD
  5. I saw this message from one particular shoot - "The forthcoming season may well be a challenge for a number of estates with escalating costs and uncertainty in the supply of chicks. We though having supported local game farmers for many years and will continue to do so which has secured our birds, and being farmers too, we have our wheat already in the ground and earmarked for us." Therefore I made an enquiry and received this - "Unfortunately, due to the ongoing issues with bird flu in France which has caused a dramatic shortage of game available we have had to take the hard decision to cancel this season as it is just not viable" Extremely difficult for many, I have days booked but not 100% confident they will all go ahead.
  6. Considering going, has anybody else been before?...is it worthwhile? I've been to the South Yorks one at Doncaster Race Course and don't think its very good.
  7. 200 bird days and two syndicates on that same estate, therefore a lot of birds required. Apparently he tried to get the birds from Spain, but cant get enough. I only have 1/2 gun (5days), but still gutted, he said there maybe some smaller days later on in the season, but I'm currently trying to fill my diary up with the days I've lost.
  8. My syndicate has decided to cancel the season, cant get his eggs from France, rising cost of gas and wheat...... some shoots heading for another disastrous season. Covid, bird flu, what next? is this the beginning of the end for a lot of big commercial shoots? Prices have already risen, with demand outstripping supply prices can only go one way.
  9. There are definitely reasonably priced days still available, if you are happy with snacks and drinks for 11s and pies/savouries for lunch and maybe drive yourself around the shoot. Example 150 bird day (9 guns.no overages) just over £33 per bird. I'm still waiting to find out what our syndicate prices are, fingers crossed it will be sub £35.
  10. I'm glad there's someone on here like me, I rarely get into double figures. I do all the things you should do, spend lots of time on Reconnaissance, try different patterns, give thought to my position but never seem to get good numbers. I have come to the conclusion that I'm the opposite of a pigeon Magnet. I will never give up though, i love being out and one day you never know I might have a red letter day.
  11. Great Stuff! not all doom and gloom is it.
  12. I'm in 2 syndicates, Walk one stand one £400 8 days 20 to 30 birds....some days you may not get a chance of a shot, BUT A GREAT DAY OUT! The other £2.5k 1/2 gun 4 days 200 bird days, plenty of Shooting and A GREAT DAY OUT! I enjoy both shoots, probably the walk one stand one more, because I have chance to work my dog. You pays your money and takes your chance, I'm amazed how many small shoots there are around, to get in maybe offer beating for free and connect with people and ask around.
  13. Well presented pigeons, they look pristine!
  14. You are right Craig is the host and John is the keeper, its a very well run shoot.
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