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  1. My dog has just turned 2, but when she was the same age (6 months or so) I was in the car on my way back from shooting and the wife called saying she was running around the garden with a live magpie. The wife couldn't get it from her, she was 1/2hr chasing her around the garden before cornering her and the magpie flew off. At the time I thought this event was the end of the world. However, when I eventually brought her onto cold game and subsequently taken her on shoots she's been fine and wasn't effected at all by the event that day. So I would suggest you are worrying for nothing.
  2. Thanks for the Info, think I will get one.
  3. What would the maximum range be for rabbits?
  4. Would anybody recommend a Yukon Photon RT 6x50 for ratting/rabbits?
  5. I have had notification that one of the shoots I had paid a deposit for (in Jan) has been made insolvent....so the deposit is lost, unfortunately. A terrible state of affair. Roll on normality!
  6. Never been worn New with tags Tweed Waistcoat Size Large £30 including shipping (UK Only) Sorry I don't know how to turn the pictures round I'm only selling because it too big for me.
  7. All depends how much you want to pay, you can still get a new bench top Myford, but will set you back £2.5K. https://www.rdgtools.co.uk/ You do get what you pay for, agree Warco are a better than the really cheap Chinese stuff, depends what you need it for and how accurate you need to be.
  8. Although they have a legal and moral responsibility to continue to feed the birds, the current situation is unprecedented and an incredible amount of birds will be left over. As JDog says a lot shoots wont throw more money at feeding the birds after the massive losses they have experienced. I have 3 let days in January where I've paid 50% deposit (this is the norm), I've offered to leave my deposit for days next season to help, just hope they survive. Will miss out on 2 syndicate days and 2/3 rough shooting days, all paid for in full, but not a lot of money. I wouldn't like to
  9. You should be proud of what you have achieved with Ted. I think with any dog and owner, its the pleasure you get working together and not what other people think about your dog or you that matters, if you are both not perfect as long as the people who you are shooting with are happy with you and your dog being there its fine. Far too much criticism and snobbery in the gundog world and I've heard lots of stories about dodgy trialing judges. I love watching Spaniels hunt cover, watched clips of trial championships and those dogs are real hunting machines, but no dog could keep that pa
  10. I implore everyone to get out and support the shoots, we can travel in all tiers to shoot (in England anyway). If the shoot has followed the guidelines set out, there is more risk catching the virus visiting your local supermarket than out in the open countryside with a dozen or so people.
  11. Mrs roasted one for me the other week, she put in the oven with a chicken as she wont eat anything I've shot. Anyway it was like bloody rubber, fed most of it to the dog..... next time I will cook myself, slow cooker I think.
  12. Are you sure its not M25 x 1.5mm this is metric fine (fairly standard) 25 x 1 is extra fine think you will struggle to get this thread.
  13. Birds will be stronger and fly better, I always change from No6 to No5 shot in Jan.
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