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  1. Are you sure its not M25 x 1.5mm this is metric fine (fairly standard) 25 x 1 is extra fine think you will struggle to get this thread.
  2. Birds will be stronger and fly better, I always change from No6 to No5 shot in Jan.
  3. The sensible thing would be to extend the season until the end of Feb, however this won't happen as it would need to go to parliament to be voted on.
  4. Does anybody have let Days now cancelled in November? Just wondered what most shoots are doing. Re-arranging the days in the hope that we can shoot again in December? Returning deposits? Carrying deposits over to next year? Thankfully I've only got one let day booked and will miss one syndicate date if shooting returns on 2nd December
  5. I hit a sticky patch with my spaniel at 18 months, I think it was a combination of putting to much pressure on (I was too eager to get the dummy from her) and she was getting bored (to many retrieves). I just eased of a bit reduced it to no more than a couple of retrieves per session or sometime no retrieve at all, I would pick myself. Made a raised up place board in the garden and tried to make it more fun based. It all came good very quickly. Try to make the retrieve more interesting, hide the dummy in cover and encourage the dog to hunt for it, when the dog has found it run ar
  6. Thanks for the advise, how much Epsom Salts would you give her?
  7. Hi All, Has anybody had problems with phantom pregnancies? My ESS bitch (20 months old) is just going through her second one, is this normal? My biggest concern is her teets are full of milk and look sore, I certainly can't work her at the moment which is frustrating. I was going to wait until the end of this season to have her spayed, which I believe will sort the problem. Just wondering if I should just get it done now.
  8. As others suggest, a long line and firm response from you if the dog ignores you, it wont be a quick fix, but good luck with it.
  9. I feed mine Raw, but occasionally get a cows hoof filled with raw meat (frozen), she gnaws the hoof trying to get the meat out. it lasts for ages and you can keep refilling it. Great for her teeth!
  10. Can anybody recommend a trainer with a rabbit pen, South Yorks, North Midland?
  11. When you go on a website and have to select your age from a drop down box......scrolling down for ages before you find the year!
  12. Please don't take my post the wrong way, I was not criticising in any way anybody who has been out prior to the recent announcement, just advising about the experience our employee had this morning.
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