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  1. Just googled recipes for game terrine, all pretty similar. Does anybody have any tips to make it special?
  2. I feel for you, the good times you had with him with will always stay with you.
  3. Down to earth people really relaxed. note its very basic a few traps laid out just walk round you shoot whatever traps you want. Bloke just takes money and sells carts from back of his car. Not snobby whatsoever
  4. Went here the other week, not far for me in North Sheffield. Its nothing fancy, worth a go if you want a change. http://www.claypigeonshooters.co.uk/index.php/prices-and-membership/
  5. I don't know anything about the lines for Labradors, I just remember having a video when I trained my first spaniel over 35 + years ago and it was John and Sandra Halstead (drakeshead) training labs, probably one of the first videos at the time. I don't have it now, think I loaned to to someone and it was never returned.
  6. how much is it a sycamore for the 50 Sunday shoot?
  7. My mate has just had a massages from Christian, Sandy Boar is closed permanently.
  8. Thanks for that, probably why I cant find anything about it. There was one opened up at Tankersley a couple of years ago, similar thing kept getting vandalised, plus complaints from locals and planning issues. It was a pity because it was only 2mins away from me.
  9. We go there quite often its a good set up and very relaxed. We live in North Sheffield so pre Covid we used to go out there and call for a Sunday lunch at the Mustered Pot on the way back. I heard there is a clay shoot at Thurgoland, but cant find anything about it, any body heard of it?
  10. He's put Castleford in the advert if you read it.
  11. I will have it, will PM you for details of collection.
  12. My dog has just turned 2, but when she was the same age (6 months or so) I was in the car on my way back from shooting and the wife called saying she was running around the garden with a live magpie. The wife couldn't get it from her, she was 1/2hr chasing her around the garden before cornering her and the magpie flew off. At the time I thought this event was the end of the world. However, when I eventually brought her onto cold game and subsequently taken her on shoots she's been fine and wasn't effected at all by the event that day. So I would suggest you are worrying for nothing.
  13. Thanks for the Info, think I will get one.
  14. What would the maximum range be for rabbits?
  15. Would anybody recommend a Yukon Photon RT 6x50 for ratting/rabbits?
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