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  1. Can anybody recommend a trainer with a rabbit pen, South Yorks, North Midland?
  2. When you go on a website and have to select your age from a drop down box......scrolling down for ages before you find the year!
  3. Please don't take my post the wrong way, I was not criticising in any way anybody who has been out prior to the recent announcement, just advising about the experience our employee had this morning.
  4. I would advise you get something in Writing before venturing out, one of my employees was stopped by the police this morning and ask where they were going. I have given everybody a letter today, just stating where they work and that they cannot works from home.
  5. We got one and it worked very well. at about 6 months our ESS bitch started barking when she heard us getting up, constant barking unit we got downstairs. Bought one of the collars that just beeps when she barked, cured her within two days, i left the collar on for a few days after not switched on and it worked a treat. Cost less the £10
  6. Next season, why not try joining a walk one stand one syndicate, alternating shooting then beating the next drive.
  7. Great Video and good shooting, the lanowner must be very happy with your crop protection service. I'm very envious can only dream of having that many shots.
  8. I really feel for you, I hope the outcome is favourable....best of luck.
  9. Thanks for all the advice, its all well noted and I intend to take it all on board. As I said I just want to do the right thing.
  10. Thanks for being open and honest about your situation and thanks to the others who have commented also. I'm really nervous about letting her free run at the moment, well certainly not just letting take of into the distance and walking the other way, it just seems like a disaster waiting to happen. This week as suggested I've kept the sessions really short, I have kept her on a 6ft training lead, but let the lead trail and if shes gone too far and hasn't responded to the recall I've chased her down and got her back but not been to hard on her, just made sure she knows its not acceptable. There are lots of insects around to chase at the moment which hasn't helped. I've run around with her making daft noises and occasionally bringing a ball or dummy out trying to keep her focused on me more. I have seen some improvement over the last couple of days, so my plan is to continue with this and hopefully keep her on track.
  11. I wouldn't like to publicly name the trainers on here. I guess there are always two ways to skin a cat, but as I said i just don't want to do the wrong thing. Shes really strange, around the house and garden she is very clingy, never from your side, however outside she seems more independent where the environment seems more interesting than me, although I've tried to make things fun for her. Sometimes she will turn on the whistle and keep quite close, other times she ignore me and goes 15 to 20 meters before she turns (specially when there are butterflies to chase). I've tried to make things fun so I've not yet chased her down and dragged her back. I'm aware shes still very young and don't want training to become a negative thing. I'm just wary about what the second trainer told me, (don't call her back, just say nothing and walk in the opposite direction), am I making a rod for my own back?
  12. I have a 5 month old ESS bitch, I'm having a few issues with inconsistent recall and retrieving which led me to approach two different professional gundog trainers, both are well established with good reputations, however the advice given by each of them was totally and utterly conflicting. Trainer 1 - Keep her very close to you ,get her on a long training lead, get her quartering, occasionally calling her in, if no response give her a tug. Similarly with retrieving, keep the long lead on and use the lead to give her a tug if the retrieve is poor. I tried this and yes it works, but not much fun for the dog or me, my concern is she is not enjoying this and at some point when she is off the lead she will act differently. Trainer 2, Just let her free run, even if she takes off to the the other end of the field, just walk in the opposite direction, eventually she will come back. Constantly keep walking in the opposite direction and the she will follow me, occasionally giving a recall and retrieve. The idea being she will always be looking for me, gradually getting closer and as she begins to hunt more everything will fall into place. I tried this and as you would suspect the dog loves it, she does keep coming back and after a while she does get closer, but most of the time she is too far away from me. I'm concerned I don't have control, maybe it will come right, but if it doesn't will it be even harder to get her hunting close to me. I'm really unsure which direction to take, I don't want to do the wrong thing and make things worse going forward.
  13. Thanks for encouragement, I will drive over again tomorrow and try to pursue this further.
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