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  1. Continental Shooter πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜€ J.A.
  2. Here is data from Guilandi's site. HI-SKOR 800-X (Du Pont - USA) GAUGE CASE PRIMER GRAMS OF POWDER GRAMS OF SHOTS CRIMPING 12/76 PLASTIC 615/CX MIL 1,90/2,00 ==== 50 STAR J.A.
  3. I am using this element and A Rex c100 PID controller. https://youtu.be/lZI_l--JdNM
  4. Sorry!! The load is 12/70 6-point crimp to 58mm total catridge length with A gaep bn2 spinner.😊 Of you take a look at the Guilandi webside or Nobel Sport webside you Will find good loads with the Vectan AS, A1and A0. With Vihtavuori powder my favourite grouse-load is N320 1,65g powder, 33g lead 6 sg22 or z2m21 wad. J.A.
  5. Longshot powder is best for Heavy loads, 36-38g loads. I think it is overkill for pigeons..... But I have one good load if you can live with the recoil: Cx2000 primer, cheddite once fired hulls, 2 grammes of powder , 38 grammes of leadshot 5 og 6 in a z2m21 wad. 430 ms, 850 Bar pressure. You need a shotgun proofed to magnum pressure (1050 bar service pressure )!! J.A.
  6. Pefectly usable pattern but you have to be spot on to Hit anything at these ranges. J.A.
  7. Here is A test i did. Homeload. Only standard components. Longshot powder, Cheddite hull, cx2000 primer, B&P z2m 21 wad, 34 g of Us 6 shot (2,8mm) at 65,5 yards. Have shot A lot of crows at long range with this one up to 70 yards. I think after 70 yard It’s mostly luck.
  8. 6,5x55!!! I am using it for everything from grouse to moose. J.A.
  9. The OMV smart i best for new hulls. You will also need a something to to dropp powder and shot. Some of my swedish friens have this kind of press and they are very satisfied With the results. Perfect crimps and uniform cartridge length every time. I use a Mec 600 and have a Gaep BN2 in a adjustable drill press for finishing at correct lengt. I find this Works great with once fired hulls. J.A.
  10. Here is my homemade shotmaker. PID controll and 2000w boiling ring for heating. 0.8mm drippers making perfect 6 shot (4% antimony). https://youtu.be/lZI_l--JdNM J.A.
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