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  1. Mr gen


    half hitch, bowline and harvest knot are the main ones I use.
  2. Bryan Adams - Everything I do. As it was at number one for about a year and a half and ruined every teen age males life. Any Christmas song from the seventies.
  3. yes a deservedly happy ending, well done and enjoy your new sport keep us posted of how your doing.
  4. Another vote for the Zippo type I bought two on the Amazon black Friday deal a couple of years ago. I have lost the little filler bottles that gauge how much fuel you want to put in, whether you want them to last for 6 or 12 hours and as a result I often over fill them making them hard to light. but once going they are great, they last all day, very rarely go out and produce good constant heat, if you don't smother them by fiddling to much. the wicks on mine lasted the first season out and I found cheap copy replacements on the bay that were still going at the end of last season. Gen
  5. Nice bit of handy work there your not going to over crush the nut! I have always used a pen knife, scratch the top off the nut, find the line where the shells meet insert the tip of the blade and twist. but I do like what you have made there.
  6. is there a much younger calf in the middle?
  7. sounds and looks like you both had a great day and you are deservedly proud of her. Well done.
  8. My feelings are that the more rubbish he spouts, the less people will believe him and stop listening to him.
  9. Hi All As per title we have spaces for two guns on a small pheasant shoot on the Powys, Herefordshire borders near Prestiegne. As said it is a small shoot with some testing birds on wooded hill sides with some cover crop. We hope to equal last years bag sizes which were on average 35 birds a day as we are putting down a few more birds this year. Our first day will be the 26th October and will shoot every other weekend after that and every Saturday in January. This year we are trying to run it as a Shoot one stand one so well behaved dogs are welcome. we normally bring our own lunch and have it in one of the sheep barns. The price per gun is £500 and if anyone is interested you can come and have a drive round and check the ground out with us. Many thanks
  10. Many thanks for sharing that, just how my mother told me it was. I would love to slow this life up and go back to that one.
  11. That sounds like a successful first day out. And a good boost for the confidence keep getting out there and enjoy
  12. Give Griffin Lloyds a go for sure it is about 40 mins from Hereford. Its where I started out, they are open 7 days a week, their sporting clays are excellent and if you go on week day its quiet enough, you can go round and avoid being bunched up and people looking over your shoulder. Park farm near Ombersley is also very good but due to the limited opening times tends to be busy. There are also some clay shooting clubs around Hereford that shoot on a Sunday morning, Fir Tree, Aconbury, Garway and the Tram clay club at Eardisley I shot with them last year a few times and really enjoyed it really nice bunch of guys and easy going 50 bird shoot against either of the above after membership fees £10 a go. PM me if your going up to Griffin and I will see if I can make it. I cant offer much advise how to shoot but its always nice to have a walk about up there.
  13. I have been using their 32 G 5's for a while now and swear by them. A very good cheap cartridge
  14. How did you get on, did you get to shoot with your son? This week I have received a "permit to possess shot guns". It has my guns listed on it as my cert has but no photo ID. Under this permit I am not allowed to buy or sell any guns but there is no mention of ammunition. The form it is printed on is a firearms form 112 and is issued under section 7 of the fire arms act 1968, it expires October.
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