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  1. just read this on the BBC Wales site. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-50741457 seems very strange my thoughts are maybe a plane strike or lightning.
  2. sorry my reply does not involve the Metropolitan Police but, Tightchoke your not far off the mark. My renewal went in on 1st of March, cheque cashed 6th March. A letter of extension and two expired permit possess, latest one runs out 27/01/20. phone call last week to Dyfed-Powys firearms regards purchase of cartridges for the rest of this season resulted in a no. I can not buy cartridges, borrow cartridges or get someone who is entitled to buy cartridges to get me some. I am entitled to have the ones I already had before my SGC ran out. This has left me a little annoyed as the doctors cheque for £50 was cashed before my SGC ran out as of 01/05/19
  3. The dogs put four up today. one of them crashed into a tree about 10 feet from me and fell to the ground it quickly righted itself and flew off. looks like we had a good influx with the last full moon as they are the first I have seen this year.
  4. Hello Nigel and welcome, If you really like the ATA, why not go and look at a lighter model maybe a shorter game version?
  5. Here's Reggie He is a four month old GSP. After my Dear old friend Nellie (staffy x collie). Died in June, we decided to get another dog to fill the void. well that void is filled and more, he certainly is a handful but I am looking forward to starting his training at the end of the season.
  6. I also have big calves and found out last year le chameau do three sizes in their zip up range, the largest calve size being a very ample 48. These are big enough for me to wear two pairs of long socks and water proof trousers. Most stockists will order a pair on for you to try.
  7. Mr gen


    half hitch, bowline and harvest knot are the main ones I use.
  8. Bryan Adams - Everything I do. As it was at number one for about a year and a half and ruined every teen age males life. Any Christmas song from the seventies.
  9. yes a deservedly happy ending, well done and enjoy your new sport keep us posted of how your doing.
  10. Another vote for the Zippo type I bought two on the Amazon black Friday deal a couple of years ago. I have lost the little filler bottles that gauge how much fuel you want to put in, whether you want them to last for 6 or 12 hours and as a result I often over fill them making them hard to light. but once going they are great, they last all day, very rarely go out and produce good constant heat, if you don't smother them by fiddling to much. the wicks on mine lasted the first season out and I found cheap copy replacements on the bay that were still going at the end of last season. Gen
  11. Nice bit of handy work there your not going to over crush the nut! I have always used a pen knife, scratch the top off the nut, find the line where the shells meet insert the tip of the blade and twist. but I do like what you have made there.
  12. is there a much younger calf in the middle?
  13. sounds and looks like you both had a great day and you are deservedly proud of her. Well done.
  14. My feelings are that the more rubbish he spouts, the less people will believe him and stop listening to him.
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