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  1. try Efest vape battery on Amazon. lots of them on there but they are going up in price.
  2. Oh I do feel your pain. there is nothing quite like a well blackened nail. if your going to go down the putting a hole through it which is really the best way you have to go deep else the blood builds up again and the pain comes back. it sound barbaric cause it is but it works.👍
  3. 100% the above. I am also saddened that so many have been put off and insulted by snobbery by the elitist members of their local hunts, this will definitely bring about the demise of hunting when country folk are made to feel unwelcome, I have never witnessed this to any unpleasant degree but our local is manly a foot pack. as for hunting not have a place any more I feel that is untrue as our little shoot and others around us welcome our pack, working the land prior to releasing the pheasants out of the pens.
  4. Didn't see it. what channel was it on as I could find it on catch up? No Boxing day meet here as wales is in lockdown. cant ever remember there not being a meet.
  5. Mr gen

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    This just gets worse I did a quick scan of eBay and there are lots brand new unopened photos, going for a lot of money! how on earth can people throw money about like this without knowing exactly what they are buying?
  6. Mr gen

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    😂the seller was never going to loose
  7. Mr gen

    Learn to read

    My two sons were chatting over dinner about the lack of new PlayStation 5 Consoles, in the country, at its launch and how some were profiteering on eBay. well profiteering is not really fair to say its more like peoples willingness to pay way over the odds. so I had a search and found this beauty:- Now when I first saw this it was at £500 and having read the description contacted the seller to confirm it was just the box. Sure enough it is just the box and the seller can not understand why people are bidding so much just for a box and p
  8. I don't think wildfowl benefit much from being hung for long periods, in the way pheasants do and even then I wouldn't hang a pheasant for 5 days at 13c but that's more to do with my preference. When it is this warm we still have flies about that can blow on the game.
  9. Great to see you and your boy's back out at it again. Did you build the hide, or inherit it? Either way it look a good bit of kit and must keep some of the wind off you and the dogs?
  10. Going for mine in the morning. I have been having one every year after having my spleen out some 30 years ago. every year is different some years I can feel fine other years my arm hurts for days and some times I get to feel quite unwell after it. my mother had hers last week and said her arm hurts and she felt quite flu-ish, I guess its one of those years.
  11. Yes I have seen that and it is the most harrowing thing I have ever witnessed, made me feel sick.
  12. same with us really worried fox will get them or die in the mud
  13. Do I remember rightly that you could a lighter flint in the back wheel somewhere so it would spark as it went along?
  14. yes very I did feel a bit cheeky claiming off the house insurance but was advised to give them a try by an NFU member. and all the worries about having the spare barrels sorted its self out with me keeping the broken gun. the FEO might pick up on the fact that I have five guns in a three gun cabinet but with one being a tiny .410 and the broken one being just the action and barrels they all fit no problem.
  15. Update on what happened and wow where has the time gone? July 9th when I first posted, seems like a week. so insurance company agreed to pay as it happened in the house they wanted a quote for a new gun and a like for like replacement. New gun £1595.00. like for like, 2 year old ex demo 28" 525 Game £1050.00. I went for the ex demo as I didn't want to push my luck it was mentioned before the insurance company wanted nothing to do with the broken gun and they didn't so I will be keeping it on my SGC and will be able to use my 30 " Sporter barrels on the game gun action. I paid £275.00 for the
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