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  1. Always top barrel first with 1/2 choke top and bottom for sporting clays, pigeon or driven game.
  2. Thanks for the heads up, I'm running out of things to watch and I really enjoy that sort of thing.
  3. It falls of a gentleman, they scrape it off a pig👍
  4. Mr gen


    My local had it on as a guest ale just before the lock down bloody lovely pint. And even better, the morning after lock down he sent the message out he was giving away as it would go off and the brewery would not accept any back, grabbed my self two four pint milk bottles full. poor bloke has lost out now but he will certainly get my custom we he reopens.
  5. 32g 5's are quite punchy in my SxS but i find them ok in my 525. saying that i am an 18 stone lump.
  6. jokers are a great cartridge the last ones i bought were £5.45 a box or rather bag. They do come in fibre, plas wads are orange fibre are blue. I have been using the fibre on everything from pigeons to pheasant. The only trouble I have with them is getting a constant supply as at that price they don't stay on the shelves long.
  7. Yes the Independent are really going all out with that one especially with the cute, cub photos. But its a bit odd isn't it how this man wants to continue his way of life but broadcasts videos of himself dispatching foxes with a pick axe handle. Not to mention a snare illegally laid in a hedgerow next to a road??
  8. Here's the backlash I was fearing this man might encourage. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/fox-killer-fur-snare-trap-trade-wales-newport-david-sneade-a9373486.html
  9. think its working now
  10. Having watched this I can nothing wrong with him doing what he does. After all if the foxes weren't out there he wouldn't catch them. I do understand he is proud of his way of life but as a man who has been snaring for 50 years, he must have come across a lot of opposition to his activities. so going on the BBC who are renown for its anti views seems a bit kamikaze. I hope he gets as much support as he does Flak for doing this article but I fear he has just brought a whole load of bad attention his way. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-51708647
  11. I have a Deerhunter, Muflon Jacket that is coming on, four years old now. I wear it for work and everything else and is still water tight. when it filthy I just machine wash with Nikwax although I am not convinced Nikwax actually does anything. this jacket has had a pounding and is still going strong. I have no experience with Ridgeline but have heard a few saying the leak abit especially the smocks but like I say that is second hand info.
  12. Oh you lucky thing enjoy your prize Not ENTER
  13. You just beat me to it Ben I think its all like him a cunning stunt!!!
  14. After tonight a good pair of waders will be in order
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