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  1. Strange one this weekend, I could have shot a field of rape stubble that had a lot going on, but had been sprayed with di- gestate and it’s stinks terrible, so I left it and flighted some going and coming back. The ones coming back had a mixture of rape leaves and wheat, so they will eat it if they fancy it.
  2. This happened to me about 3 months ago, and as I had a banging headache, phone call to 101 you need to get to AE as you could be having a stroke. No it was PVD, it is still clearing up but I wear glasses most of the time now as that eye starts to get sore if I don’t.
  3. muncher

    50 days to go

    That’s not what I’m trying to say, In principal I agree, and I do go on the first as I have since I was 12 years old I hopefully shoot a couple and I stop. I would like to hope that most Fowler’s show respect for their quarry and let the young be. The problem is that if we even entered dialogue with defra it would only lead to more restrictions ( which they are trying to do anyway). Let sleeping-dogs lie , people go on about this ever year and bag returns both will result in more taken from us and nothing gained. I have spent years with other committee members trying to get consents, meetings with NE and more and more hurdles are put in our way. I wish they were reasonable, they are not.
  4. muncher

    50 days to go

    One thing is certain, they will gladly shorten the season but they sure as hell will not extend it. Leave well alone would be my advice as they Never do us any favours.
  5. I can’t confirm the chokes, but I’ve used Gemini chokes recently twice and they seem to perform very well and arrived within a week.
  6. As above all the other brands cut me.
  7. I Use a spray called Barricade and it works brilliantly at keeping the gun safe, lasts a few trips if you don't scrub it off. I hope this helps.
  8. That’s an ATA sp I believe. I did shoot well that day, but it’s all in the editing 😁
  9. Steel 5s are a great pigeon shot size. I loaded some ounce loads at 1450fps and they killed every well.
  10. I’ve been looking at the silver pigeon 3 and handling one in the shop and I must say I’m very tempted to have one.
  11. I did intend to do a clean up one but the thunder storm coming put pay to that.
  12. Cheers, I always love watching rat control.
  13. Thanks. 👍 I was surprised to see they were cutting it, but I’m pleased I spotted them. The clever were slightly better than the Eley but they both work well.
  14. You have to respect what they ask of you, I also had to get permission from two game keepers🥴 Cheers, wasn’t sure if people would be bored of my vids.
  15. I shot a rape stubble yesterday, as the farm manager said that day or It will be gone and you can go on that field only as we are working the others. I think if I had been able to shoot the field next to it the bag would have been rather large. I hope you enjoy this video clips of my day. Lesson learned, don’t have a phone conversation while filming.
  16. Very nice write up and a very good bag as well, pleased for you both.
  17. Look in Wanted. Think it’s first page chap looking for a MK 38
  18. There’s a chap on here selling a grade 5 miruko for £1800 only fired 250 shots. That would be my choice
  19. I spotted these with under a minute posted, but too far for me. I did think strewth I could beat Tightchoke 🤣🤣
  20. The safety is selective movement, and I keep getting it in the middle so it won’t come off. I have a piece of tape down one side now to solve my clumsy thumb. The maize was about 2 ft tall and they didn’t want that field it was the field behind of wheat they wanted.
  21. I did get better as the afternoon went on but I started very poorly, I will say the one that was too good for me dropped dead over the field. Thanks I just shoved it together. I hoped a few would enjoy it.
  22. I decoyed a few over maize, they weren’t feeding on this field they were after a field of wheat behind and I intercepted and conned some to decoy.
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