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H+n barracuda ft

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No but, off on a slight tangent - just got my Original 35 back from a service and trying to find a pellet it likes - wasn't getting too good results (initially) with my favourite AA field so tried some H&N Barracuda Match and was amazed to see a drop of 4+ inches over 25 yards compared to AA.

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So i watched a vid today and these were tested for accuracy and down range energy retention .out of a hw .

The accuracy was superb and the bc averaged out at 0.027 .which is very high for a .177 pellet especially a 9.5 grn one .

In a pcp , Exacts are usually around 0.021 .heavies 0.026 .barracuda 10.5 - 0.024 .so these could be  better than all the above in all ways .

Hope so .

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On 19/12/2018 at 00:47, kernel gadaffi said:

Going back to the early 80's, I was using the .177 silhouettes in my HW80 to great effect, I'm sure they were pushing towards 11 grains and the .22 were in the region of 21 grains, but, I stand to be corrected.

I still have a couple of tins of these Silhouettes. They were the best hunting pellet I ever used. Regularly taking head shot bunnies at 40 yds with my 12 ft/lb HW77K until some ******* stole it, along with another 9 tuned air guns in a targeted burglary. 

I keep them in case I revisit another HW77K and tune it up again. Maybe 2019 will be the year?

I have been using the Barracuda hunter extreme (18.52 grains) in my HW99S in .22 and they are giving shot on shot at 27 yds (12 ft/lb rifle tuned by me) and I know Oldman has used them this afternoon in his Air arms 410 FAC taking feral pigeons out to 60 yds with no problems at all. Fine pellets.

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