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  1. I too have a 452 American with a SAK moderator and it can be a tack driver. I do not wish to antagonise any of the previous posters as the info given can and may be valid. I have a number of shooting pals who have various manufactured HMRs and there is no doubt that after 20 or so rounds the accuracy can drift. Most of us now carry a pull through and use it a couple of times and hey presto back to normal. The HMR is a dirty round and a quick pull through isn't going to hurt. I no longer bother doing strip down cleans with copper cleaner or patches. As a matter of fact at the end of my shooting sessions, I am doing the same thing with my CF rifles as well. I look forward to hearing what the final outcome is, good luck with your experimentation. FB
  2. Sadly weather stopped play. Flight scrubbed. New date to be set.
  3. Going to be a fast trip from Florida to UK in 15 mins.
  4. ISS is due overhead this evening at 2130 and the Dragon approx 20 mins later. Hoping that the clouds stay away for me to see them both. Cant say EM is a favourite of mine, but I do wish the astronauts a safe flight, both out and back. FB
  5. I always knew there was a reason for ealf and safty. Joking aside I am glad you retained all your toes. FB
  6. Nowt wrong with that. Looks good. FB
  7. Flyboy1950

    What are these.

    Used to have them on our leather parade ground marching boots when I was in the RN. Still have my grandfathers last in the garage for when I occasionally put new soles and heels on my shoes. Happy days. FB.
  8. Here you go. https://www.google.com/search?q=300+blk&rlz=1C1PRFI_enGB901GB901&oq=300BLK&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0l7.19425j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 FB
  9. Best way in this instance is to take the car to a council run test centre. They do not carry out repairs or recommend where to have them carried out. I advised my sister in law to do this as she was feeling very unsafe after the local garage had been advising her that her car was in a dangerous state and that they ought to get her another car. One visit to the council test centre and the car passed with no advisories. This put her mind at ease and she has had it running fine without any problems since. FB
  10. Petrol now 99.7 p and Diesel £104.7 at Morrisons. ASDA still to respond, but I am sure they will.
  11. Zeadio from flea bay are a good priced bi pod. Have used them for years with no trouble on all calibres up to and including 308. FB
  12. Have done it twice now and enjoyed it greatly. It does get very busy in the summer and many of the roads are single track with passing places. Last time I tried to "Wing it" without booking forward accommodation, not easy without Wifi. Found some lovely little eateries in the middle of no where with fantastic views of the Lochs and coastline. Go for it, the memories will stay with you. A lot of people in the UK don`t realise how beautiful the highlands are. Allow a couple of weeks if you can so you can further explore into the wilds off of the trail. I have had my car serviced a few weeks back ready to head North again, (to do the trail) as soon as the "Lock down" is lifted, will not be flying any where for a few years yet.
  13. When I was an apprentice joiner (mid 60s) I remember the bosses son shouting "whose throwing that red dye around"? sure enough 4 passes across the blades, removed 4 fingers down to the knuckles, so quick there was no pain. Always use a push stick and stay safe. My own bro lost 4 fingers to a circular saw when a large sheet of polycarbinate jumped with a binding of the blade, luckily the surgeons were able to sew them back on again with knitting needles pushed down through the fingers to hold them in place. They are obviously shorter now and he knows when rain is on the way as he says he can feel it in his fingers!
  14. Lorus lumibrite sports. Made by Seiko, though not automatic, batts last for years. Stays correct to the second for months, only time I ever need to alter it is when there is not 31 days in the month or the clocks change. Got loads of more expensive watches but wear this all the time.
  15. Try petrolprices.com. It`s a free app and shows virtually all petrol pumps/suppliers in the uk Here in North Bristol diesel is cheapest at ASDA at £108.7 Petrol is £102.7 FB
  16. What about a large tub of wood filler and a putty knife. Stay safe and check all fingers at the end of the day. Great offer. FB
  17. Flyboy1950

    face masks

    Suburb offer Mel, how refreshing to see a selfless act in these days of "Looking out for No 1". PM sent with grateful thanks. Stay safe.
  18. My sister in law tried to use a credit card to purchase a replacement car at the beginning of January (because she wanted the Credit card protection) and the garage informed her that they weren`t allowed to take credit cards (by law) any more, but could take a Debit card. Interesting to know the facts on this. FB
  19. Spoilt little rich kid being led by the na**ers. He and his other half have around £M30 between them and they are not going to ever be short of a bob or two. Should be forced from the public purse and pay their own expenses, security bills and a proper rental on Frogmore cottage. Remove their titles and see how quickly their A Lister friends desert them. (Look how fast Uncle Andrews friends distanced themselves from him) So much for their green credentials if they are going to be constantly flying backwards and forwards over the pond. I bet if he had discussed this with Phill the Greek he would have had a right going over.
  20. We already have such laws. Any one committing an offence with a sub 12 ft/lb air rifle, sub 6 ft/lb air pistol or any imitation weapon, is automatically charged with fire arms offences. It is down to the individual to ensure that he/she remains within the law, what ever the circumstances. FB
  21. Flyboy1950


    Must admit that the adds were starting to get quite intrusive. Downloaded for free, Ad blocker for Chrome and like magic, have all disapeared. Also stops ads on Flee bay etc FB
  22. Flyboy1950


    Latest ALDI brochure for the special buys for 17th November shows their own brand GoPro for £49.99 if you can wait that long. FB
  23. Just returned from the war memorial in my village of Westbury on Trym. The turn out each year seems to rise with more and more youngsters, Air cadets, Scouts etc. My other half dos`nt come with me, she knows I have to be on my own. Glass raised for All the boys and girls who have kept us safe, some times at huge costs to themselves and their families. We will remember them.
  24. Thanks guys, it`s pretty much as I thought that it`s down to reactive testing. FB
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