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Kaya the Ridgeback


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Introducing Kaya to the PW crew.

She's the one on the left. She won't be home with us for a few weeks yet though. Can't wait till she's here full time.

IMG-20190628-WA0006.jpg.96551dfb417090f49146faeb99bea23e.jpg IMG-20190628-WA0004.jpg.b220e36d601260227ca78faea7c1775f.jpg


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2 minutes ago, Ooops said:

Walshie, what are your plans for her? Is she going to be a working dog?

No, just a family member and watchdog like the one we lost in November. The time was right. 

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20 hours ago, walshie said:

Went to see her today. 5 weeks old. We bring her home on 3rd August. She's already a little madam. Couldn't get her to look at the camera. 


Thought you already had her Walshie!


bet you can’t wait :) 

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Well the day finally came. The journey home was hell for traffic. Just over 3 hours to get there and 5 hours to get back. Our new girl was a little bit sick a short while into the journey but slept the rest of the way. We were going to stop to see if she needed a wee but all the time she was asleep we pressed on. No more accidents and as soon as we got home she went on the grass and did what she needed to do


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Well it's 4 weeks since we brought madam home to live with us and I'm surprised it's been so easy (so far). She didn't keep us up the first night at all. Just went to her bed about 11 and slept through till 6 the next morning. She hasn't had one accident in the house, comes when called, sits and gives a paw when asked. 

She's had her final jabs now and can go out in the big wide world. The vet weighed her and she had gone from just under 7kg to 12kg in 3 weeks, so she's now twice the dog she was when she first came here. We're limiting it to a few short walks a day while she's growing so fast and that seems to suit her, along with bombing round the garden. Still got to keep shoes out of reach though. :lol:

Yes, I know the back doorstep and door need a lick of paint. 



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