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The versatile gundog

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5 minutes ago, JDog said:

Good for you, although you have now drawn attention to your own activities which may not have been your intention.

In the meantime I will continue to show my appreciation of those posting of their exploits.

How have I drawn attention to my own fowling activities?  I just like to get out there and do my thing if I'm in the wrong spot then there's always tomorrow we are always learning I. will also show my appreciation of others exploits where credits due. 

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No worries M Greeny. There was stick for not posting anything and also a few barbed comments regarding dogs so it prompted me to post a bit more.

I appreciate it may be boring to some but it’s an aide memoire for me and perhaps showcases the versatility of a little used gundog breed? 

As regards to JDog’s post, due to the lockdown I couldn’t get to any of my permissions or shoots in Wales and had to take up wildfowling properly (fortunately I’d joined the waiting list for a club on a nearby marsh a few years ago) which is within walking distance of my house. Since mid-Oct I’ve been out 8 times and only blanked once. For me starting out on the marsh I’d personally count that as a success.

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On 02/01/2020 at 23:49, WalkedUp said:

As I say, they can be beautiful but they can be beasts. They live indoors during the night and are kennelled outdoors during the day. I take them everywhere with me and they will sit like statues in the office, the park, beach or pub.. consequently they get lots of attention but I have to tell their admirers that working breeds do not make good pets.

We had a gorgeous Weimararner as a pet but he needed two good long walks a day in the woods, my wife got asked to assess several where people were struggling on behalf of WCGB and it normally turned out they were not getting any exercise. Like you said, ours came to the office and was good as gold. Miss the gorgeous fella.

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On 08/01/2020 at 15:21, m greeny said:

Christ them pheasants must double hard as there's only one dead

Our Weimararner could catch anything (Owl, Rabbit, Cat) and bring it back alive without a mark on it.

When he found an injured cat he just stood there stock-still and "pointed" at it, amazing insticts for a dog with no training whatsovere (except "sit")!

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