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Anyone had this problem, our Audi A3 wouldn't start the other morning, seams the instrument cluster is faulty which effects the immobiliser, instrument cluster now has to come out and sent away to be repaired, anyone had this problem?  

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I would suggest having a delve in the Audi/VW Forums to see what a search brings up. I have found joining very helpful with 'Enthusiasts' that have good knowledge, including from working in Stealers.

One question - has the battery been changed that you know of last 3-5years? Lockdown and less longer drives will knacker it proper if not relatively new. Modern cars fester with a drop in charge, that then impacts other 'elec-trickery' within.


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44 minutes ago, Morkin said:

How much did that cost you to pull the choke out Walker 570 ? I don't know all these mod cons you have that Land Rover.

Cost me about 30 seconds to wake up that morning😀

remember how expensive it was to get a Mini back on the road if you didn't smoke ?

You had to buy a five pack of Woodbines and use the silver paper to replace the blown fuse.

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