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A rare phone call

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Yesterday, whilst moving a fence i got a call from a friend. Nothing particular unusual about that only this time he wanted to go shooting. I told him I had no birds as its normally my patch however this time he had some. A mutual farmer friend who seldom let's us shoot for reasons known only to himself had been drilling. My friend had sufficiently bribed him, and I having been a very good boy about the house, was permitted leave for the day. 

We met at about 1045 and drove the short distance to the farm. One and a bit sides border  a busy ring road and beyond is the city. The farmer had drilled 2 fields and was threatening to do another. At the bottom corner some 500 yards or so away was a block of bean drilling. We were on some ceral and butted up against the only cover available. A very thin hedge behind which was an oil dereck in some sort of compound.  Lots of birds were idling about and we duly put them off on arrival. 

500 yards behind and to the left are some tall trees. Birds were going from the bean drilling to the trees and back. Some were coming over us and some of those wanted the drilling we were on. The bean drilling had the wind and sun in the wrong place and although 10x more birds it would have been hard

Now normally on this ground that would be about it. Specially on a windless and bright sunny day like today. I predicted we'd set up, maybe fire a shot, chat a bit and then go home. Today was different. The birds were coming in whilst I was putting the pattern out.  I settled for 2 groups and a gap in between. 

In the first 20 minutes we had 10 or so on the deck. It went like that for the next hour or so.

we decided to put the rotary out and up wind and this worked like a charm. Drawing more over from the beans and some from the trees behind.

My friend had to pop home for 20 mins as his semi was not cycling and causing him grief.  in that time I shot another 20. The compound behind us was out of bounds and I was surprised the workers didn't come and check on us for setting off some alarm as they normally do. The last hour was very sparse of birds, a good natured lady was picking litter by the bean drilling and put the birds off to pastures new, ending half our business.

In all we picked 52 and counted another 20 in the compound behind. Not bad for a little over 2 hours. 

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