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monster From a little known venue


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Believe it or not, This double figure beauty of a common carp came from a venue in the centre of Loughborough.

Not the big "Charnwood water", not Nanpantan reservoir but the canalised section of the river soar, yes the local canal is home to some big fish including Barbel.

It's a waiting game for the bigger specimens though, because this section is heavily match fished for "bits" on the pole the bigger fish tend to be a bit wary, so it's a hard fish as they say. this one was eventually tempted by a bit of "Mothers Pride" bread crust, fished pop-up style two inches off bottom over a small bed of mashed bread.

It lead me a merry dance up and down the cut and around the moored narrow boats for about 20 mins before finally coming to the net.   


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22 minutes ago, 7daysinaweek said:

What a fish, and out of the cut too!

That fish will have some age to it, hope it went back well.


Yep no problem at all , had a quick look around me and could see no Croatians licking their lips so I slipped it quietly back into the cut and it swam away happy.


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2 hours ago, Weihrauch17 said:

Very nice but isn't that a Mirror Carp?

No it's a common, I know the photo makes it look like there are area's with large scales but it's just a discoloured patch. 

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