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Car buying sites.


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34 minutes ago, chesterse said:

Anyone used any of the car buying sites on the internet? Is anyone better than the others? Anything to watch out for?

I’ve got the impression they try to knock the price down over small faults.

I used We Buy Any Car on the last car I sold.

They quoted a price higher that the trade in value that I had from the dealer that I was buying the new car from.

I drove the car 5 miles to the WBAC assessment centre where the assessor promptly knocked the value down below the trade in value because of a few minor faults.

I wished him good day and traded it in.

A waste of a morning.

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19 minutes ago, JTaylor91 said:

Ive used Motorways selling service twice and got more than I asked for. They advertise to dealers all over the country. I sent Motorway pictures on a Monday it was sold by Wednesday and a dealer came and collected it on Friday. 

That sounds much better than WBAC.com though to be fair they buy cars to sell to the trade and look at what they need to declare to online buyers who will nitpick a purchase. Then the seller has to pay for the car to be transported home again at a loss or discount/refund. I'm thinking online buying is fraught with issues. 

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Just used webuyanycar to sell my l200. They knocked me about £400 which I expected for some chips and alloy damage. I thought it was a fair price and kept the cost of the change to a van in proportion. Sold my last truck privately and too many time wasters that I can’t be doing with.

if you don’t want top dollar it’s a quick and easy transaction. Having already bought the van I wanted the cash back in the bank.

I also first tried a site that advertises to the trade and had no interest at a price within £100 of WBAC payment.

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I recently sold a car to Cazoo. I entered the details and condition on the website and the price quoted was what I got when took it in. No checks for microscopic chips, they just checked paperwork and that spare wheel was there and paid into my bank within minutes. £1500 more than trade in quotes.

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37 minutes ago, Dave-G said:

Also note WBAC will come back with better initial offers by email pestering if they don't hear from you. 

However, at the end of the day, the final price depends upon their assessor.

If the assessment centre isn't too far, it may be worth a punt

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Just as a follow up to this post I sold the car today to a buying company called Motor Dough.

Contacted them yesterday and the car has gone and money in my bank today.

Their offer was a bit less than Webuyanycar but more than all the others and they promised to not mess me around and they didn’t.

A guy called Ash went through everything on the phone with me yesterday and two guys came and picked it up today. They were polite and friendly and not at all nitpicking. They assessed the car including a short test drive and then rang through to their office and got the payment transferred into my account.

A very satisfactory experience- quick and efficient.

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