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What's it called.


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13 minutes ago, manthing said:

Cannot for the life of me remember the proper name of the little stopper that goes in the end of the whip on a tank so you can see what's left in the bottle.

The quick release dobry...

TIA peeps.

Hello, I can never remember 🤔😁 go on best fittings web site, 

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14 minutes ago, ditchman said:

i aint got a clue what is being talked about..........cheiftain tank......water tank....petrol tank....horse whip...?????

Air tank, whip to fill an airgun. But yes the description could be better. :whistling:

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3 hours ago, ditchman said:

what sort of plug were you thinking of ?

Not a clue mate??? I like your posts ditchman, it’s some of the others need to lighten up a bit. Try to have a bit of fun or banter and they’re jumping down your throat ***.....😂

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