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Birds in the Heat


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23 minutes ago, Myiamouse said:

Hi All just wondering what you guys use to stop your Pigeons getting Fly blown in this staggering heat and also what you transport them in i have hessian sacks just after any other ideas cheers

I've always used hessian sacks , or post office sacks . I just pick up the birds as soon as I can , and lay them on their backs in the bag , then pour a bit of iced water over them . It's a bit of a pain if you're having a big day , and I've even had my car running for hours , with the aircon on , and hundreds of pigeons laid out in the back . The sacks still get covered in fly eggs , but the birds stay clean. 

I've been out today in the heat . I only needed to save about 25 birds for a couple of mates , so I just layed the birds on top of a stealth net , and covered them with spare net.


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deer sacks that the americans use to pack out a quartered up big big animal. basicaly draw string cotton bags but the whole point of them is to keep all the nastys off the meat.

google quarter game bags. 

  soaking them in citric acid every now and again and letting them dry is aparently another trick that stops the fly for laying on the bags

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Last couple of outings, I`ve taken a cool box with a few frozen ice blocks in. Bearing in mind I don`t expect to shoot large quantities of pigeons during my short sessions, this is sufficiently large and keeps them in excellent condition either until I get home or even the morning after and they remain cold. I do have a soaking hessian sack but still don`t like to see the blow flies on this and laying their eggs, despite Walker570`s suggestion of extra protein:hmm:.

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