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Good day out fishing

henry d

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Had an invite from friends to go out fishing from their boat, it took several milliseconds to clear my diary. 


Passed HMS Enterprise and thought it would be a laugh if you were called Kirk, Scotty etc onboard. Got out to the ground we had chosen, a mixed bottom between rocky outcrops and anchored up. As the tide was just turning we didn't get anything for the first half hour when I hooked a decent whiting on half a launce. As the tide increased we had dogfish, not something you expect from the tyneside area, and a small spotted ray too!


As the tide really got going we had small shoals of codling come past giving us periods of intense activity among the quiet times. 



Lots of codling, with 3 of the deeper hooked fish coming home along with 3 whiting, lots of dogs, some of which were just clamping on the bait and dropping off at the side or onboard and a lone spotted ray. Home in time for the rugby, a great time had by all but I still think that the sea temperatures are all to pot as we never used to, or should I say rarely, get dogs and ray, along with the increasing numbers of pout. I even got a small grey Gurnard in the summer! If the bass numbers and sizes were better I might be happy, but I have to say it is bizarre having so many different species where we used to just have cod, coalie and pollock. 

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Update on species
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3 hours ago, old'un said:

Thanks for posting, looks like a nice day out, think we need some pictures of the meal you cooked your family with those freshly caught fish, do you eat the dog fish?

Not tried the dogs yet but will do at some stage. I don't remember having them in the past but I suppose skinning them will be tough like a squirrel is.

I took 3 whiting, we had 2 last night in a Parsley sauce with potatoes and vegetables but no photos, sorry. Granddaughter is getting one of the whiting made into cakes with the remaining potatoes and Parsley for tea tonight. 

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I have tried dog fish many years ago at my aunts place in Deal, my uncle was a fisherman, if I remember she cooked it with the skin on and removed it once it was cooked, the flesh was white and firm, tasted nice, think they used to sell it in the fish and chip shops years ago, think they called it “rock salmon”?

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21 hours ago, yates said:

Nice report Henry. Who knows what the holds. I can't wait for black bream to come further North 

Strangely enough a friend had one a couple of years ago off the Tyne and there was a report of a Gilt iirc off Torness power station. 

16 hours ago, Rim Fire said:

Well done Henry my mate just sent me some pics of 6 Codling up to 5lb in the Bristol channel 

Yes, there are some good catches from both sides apparently but patchy ATM.

Rock salmon I have seen recently in Portsmouth but I went for the plaice!

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