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There will no doubt be competition entry and local/ nation org levies within that but yes, FITASC is a very expensive way to shoot some clay discs. 

They would do well to remove the multiple breaks and shoot all 100 birds over 4/5 stands in one go as you would on a super sporting course. You could also change to a ref per stand rather than a ref per squad layout and get more people through the course in the same time. 

Part of the high cost is paying for a ref to chaperone a squad of six to shoot 100 targets over 4-5 hours. 

With that being said, I am going to shoot the Pro One challenge in a few weeks at £70 per entry for 120 sporting targets. Hoping to at least get a Hull branded hat thrown in with that one.. 😅

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Yes is expensive! It’s getting worse all the time! The world sporting at West Wycombe recently was £150 for 200 targets I am told. I certainly wasn’t there.So it’s £20 for the targets,and £130 for the use of traps.£30-35 is plenty for 100 practice,and £40-45 for a competition.The Cpsa take about £4 extra on every hundred targets,and the charge membership fees too of £60 or more a year.

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Fitasc has always been relatively expensive compared to other disciplines. The main reason is the 'old system' doesn't allow adequate entries to make it worthwhile for the ground to hold the competition without adding a surcharge of £15 -£20 over the cost of registered sporting. During the winter, when Fitasc has traditionally been part of a 'winter series', then 50 entries is about as many you could safely put through without losing the light.

'New system' Fitasc allows more entries to be taken and to some extent has solved the problem. However, entry prices don't appear to have eased and £65 - £70 is commonplace.There are still significant numbers happy to shoot at these prices and the grounds who do a good job with organisation, targets, facilities etc. continue to do well.

Fitasc never has been about the cost and devotees who religiously travel this country and abroad shooting different grounds are part of close knit social group and they have a great time shooting what is still the ultimate sporting discipline.

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6 hours ago, TIGHTCHOKE said:

Trinity, do you shoot much FITASC?

It has always been expensive because it takes a long time and you cannot get many shooters through in a day.

No chance, at my standard and those prices it would be a complete waste of time and money 😂😂 

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To add to my earlier post I shot my first FITASC today.

Squad left the club house at 9:30 and finished shooting at 14:30. 5 hours to shoot 100 birds is a bit much IMO and a 40 minute break between parcours 3 and 4 meant I was going into 4 cold and missed a few of the first singles as a result.

It was a reasonable (by FITASC standards) £60 for targets only. I could have easily drunk more than £60 away in a pub in 5 hours but I don't drink so the money has to go somewhere.

I only managed to semi pre mount twice which I thought was going to be real issue throughout the day as I mainly shoot english sporting. Lucky the refs were a pair of planks and missed both incidents.

An overall enjoyable experience but super sporting is still my favourite of the clay shooting disciplines.

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22 hours ago, TRINITY said:

I nipped down yesterday and yes I was surprised by the amount of organising. Not only did it take up most of the ground ,some of the surrounding fields too.

Got told it has sold out, was first day today, is there anywhere to see the scores as a matter of interest

If it is registered then the scores will be on the CPSA website!

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