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2 hours ago, ditchman said:

is that a mouse (std) or dormouse that should be curled up asleep somewhere ?

It’s not a normal mouse 100% . 
mel thinks it’s a wood mouse ? All I know is it’s 4’ up a tree 😂

34 minutes ago, Marccus said:

Probably thought it was worth waking up for! 🤣👍

I filled the feeder only a week ago on top of him 😂 he soon jumped out . 

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2 hours ago, Rim Fire said:

Had one in a feeder last week the winds had blown the lid off     a couple of years ago i did find a Dormouse in one of my squirrel feeders so left him there 

He’s been in there 2 weeks . It’ll need topping up in another week tho so I hope he moves 

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2 hours ago, team tractor said:

When I filled it up a few weeks back he jumped out and ran off 👍. I think he’s just being a fatty 😂

yep its a wood mouse, take the air rifle next time you go.

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