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Back in the hide

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Hi folks 

So yesterday was my first day shooting since September - and after a drive around some local permissions I spotted a good number drifting onto a field of OSR. It was very windy and this field was quite exposed with no hedge line to build a hide, however the line into the field crossed a line of willows and silver birches, which appeared to also be a daytime resting spot.

I took all the gear, built a hide and set up some decoys on the winter wheat just to catch their eye.

It seemed to work as I quickly had 2 for the magnet- which then pulled birds in. The westerly wind picked up to a point where the birds on the magnet were not presenting very well and was now putting the incoming birds off, and was quickly brought in.

I had about 12 out as decoys and most of the birds were now crossing about 100 yards up the line of willows, however a few were still decoying. The next hour and a half were spent between shooting from the hide or getting under the line 100 yards away, which provided some excellent snap shooting- and some slow reaction misses.

By 3pm it become obvious that they had found somewhere else and I packed up with 27 picked.




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