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  1. I phoned yesterday about the sporter .chap couldn't find it and didn't return my call or I'd probably have bought it
  2. Nope.. actually I'm considering it again but don't know how to justify another..2 already lol
  3. Winchester 6500 would be my choice
  4. How long have you owned this X2???? How long have you owned this X2?? Is this original finish??will send a pm
  5. Price of stuff these days would make your eyes water...bought my last couple on the mainland and had them sent through an rfd
  6. Does no harm to throw a silly offer here and there😉
  7. Check guntrader..plenty about and some are in fair nick for the age of them
  8. Bought it as a keeper....I ll shoot the rough one I just bought..finding mint examples is nigh on impossible
  9. I also have a 6500 deluxe fixed choke 30" in the cabinet...it's an absolute peach in pretty much unfired condition....bought it at start of lockdown and still have yet to pull the trigger on it....
  10. That's where I bought my cheapie from..a nice lass by the name of Lara dealt with me... absolutely first class
  11. Some folk can't appreciate quality unless it's the shiny new thing!!!!
  12. Look guntrader for similar models or email browning themselves and ask??
  13. Gordon how do ya rate salvinelli?? That's a gun I'd love to try and not being one of the big stablemates..I like having something a little different..the Kronos definitely was a tidy bit of kit for the money..but not interested due to choking being too tight
  14. I'm happy enough with a fixed choke gun..less faffing about and I truly believe they pattern better....how would having her opened up work if it's chromed barrels???
  15. Confirmed today it is a trap....so obviously the choke dipper ain't reading right.....would have considered it otherwise
  16. Will check later..it would seem tight for a sporter....
  17. Guys what's your thoughts on the zoli Kronos..32" fixed half and half in great condition..the money is out of her and I don't think there's much more loss in her...
  18. T3k lite stainless 20" barrel
  19. I have a stainless with 26 rounds through it..pity I'm in n ireland
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