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  1. Same here, but when shooting a Registered All Round Competition, first man is first all the way through!
  2. Some, I would suggest it is more like 60 or 70% from the people I have spoken to!
  3. So how does that work for the second pair and all the subsequent pairs? Do you only shoot one pair at each stand?
  4. Whichever option you choose you will only be scored for what you hit. In Fitasc you can happily double the first target of a pair. Just a word of advice, mention to the Referee that you intend to double the first target should you not kill it, I would already be watching the second target after your first shot and might just not see you kill the first target with the second shot!
  5. That's not just a wax jacket, it's an M and S wax jacket!
  6. No, every person will NOT get the chance to see a pair unless nobody is shooting, then the first person in a group will be offered a pair. As Scully alluded to, you do not have to see a pair and as WW stated if you are there and can't be bothered to watch then you do not get to look at a pair. It is all done to make a shoot run smoothly.
  7. A cracking event for a great cause. Well done Mick. Madam it was a pleasure!
  8. Nice work Mate, keep knocking the little ******* down!
  9. It is a little beauty and with a few quid spent on some gentle restoration it will turn back in to a lovely gun. Shoots well too!
  10. Henry, do you accept that not every "scrote" can be helped? You and your type cannot possibly help every "scrote" so how do you differentiate or rank them in terms of being worth saving? I would suggest many of these "scrotes" are not worthy of being helped. I have used your chosen term!
  11. I bet that all started because someone else wasn't allowed use of a car! Seen it so many times while I was serving, not to any one quite as senior as the Commodore, but quite often with Officers of Wing Commander rank! Luckily I never got caught as I only ever kept any particular for the weekend! That Sir is evidence that the Commodore should have used in his defence!
  12. Yes indeed, we have been called by one of the Farmers whose land we cover as the soya is just breaking through the surface of the soil. We will be out on Sunday and after exhausting all none lethal methods we may just have to shoot some!
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