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  1. Well I live in hope, tomorrow is Thursday!
  2. Be careful the Brake Cleaner doesn't bite in to the blueing!
  3. The lengths you will go to for a happy customer! Wonderful Mate.
  4. I think we should go down the "bespoke" route and build to fit rather than just accomodate.
  5. The barrel gas housing will have become a little too intimate with the gas parts. It will probably take two of you to seperate them after a good soaking of something, whether it be light oil or petrol which is a great penetrator. Good luck Mate
  6. I have a few Berettas, which version do you have YB?
  7. As you say, many know the washes, interesting times ahead if the idiots do take over the asylum.
  8. Great, I will get started on the Mk 2 when I go in to work next. Watch this space.
  9. More bloody remoaners who are unable to see what is happening!
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