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    ALL over the place chasing WOODPIGEONS or CLAYS!
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    Shooting Woodpigeons, Game and Clays. Photography and Aircraft.

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  1. You sound like my mother!
  2. And of course you are quite correct! The rest of us who think you look anything but cool are all completely wrong.
  3. Who will probably send them away!
  4. Might be worth a watch!
  5. Practice, practice, practice! How many barrels do you have?
  6. Pictures would help us to understand.
  7. I did wonder, knowing you, there is a damned good reason! Like the look of your furniture Mate. No you are the FULL Negus!
  8. Next to the bearded lady!
  9. Blimey, they were £9:99 when I last bought 4 pairs!
  10. There are many people that have two different length butt pads, thin for winter and longer for summer to give the same stock dimensions/mount.
  11. Probably the same answers every time someone asks the question rather than search for the information!
  12. Just the first one to complain that they cannot cope without saying as much. Will the Chief Constable be responsible for people not having valid certification and then needing to lodge weapons with friends or RFDs?
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