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  1. As I posted earlier on in this thread some time back If you look at guidance, instruction 3 of your own certificate it tells anyone filling the certificate in what they must and must not do. “If you are selling shotgun (s) which will be sent or posted to another dealer for the buyer to collect in person you should complete this table and notify the police. The dealer who actually hands over the firearm should not complete the table or notify the police (except in circumstances which may require police investigation as above).” Accordingly instruction 3 is binding on any seller includ
  2. It is how the individual FEO is going to interpret it all, that is the biggest problem. Some will interpret the ‘authorised person’ not as a certificate holder as it is described under the firearms act but as in section 11A of the firearms act which is to do with borrowing a shotgun. Under this section a non certificate holder can only use it in the presence persons authorised by the occupier in writing which in the case of a clay ground would probably only be an instructor. It is completely the wrong interpretation in my opinion for any ground with an exemption in place but I c
  3. This question has cropped up more and more recently on several forums including this one. It seems that in certain areas the chief of police is now insisting on instruction of some sort to make use of their exemption. As the section 11(6) exemption is issued by the Chief of police and it has recommended guidelines of issue, those guidelines of issue can vary from force to force and even ground to ground. I know at MCSC you have to sign the exemption form or show your licence as the local police have made it quite clear they are in breach if they don’t. https://northyorkshire.pol
  4. timps

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    It’s also on Amazon Firestick just put it on my dad’s so he can watch my account.
  5. If you read the Home Office guidance it quite clearly tells you. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/518193/Guidance_on_Firearms_Licensing_Law_April_2016_v20.pdf So by default you can still use your gun.
  6. I actually pressed 1 on the HMRC fraud line phone call because I was bored and they were going to issue a warrant for my arrest immediately if I didn’t. It was the most fun I’ve had on a phone call, who’d have thought that Dave from HMRC (Mumbai office) could be so touchy and hang up on me after patiently explaining my crime, I was a convincing victim but the silly questions started which I think gave it away. I asked him was the fraud because I had been involved in a car accident that wasn’t my fault. Was it because I was miss sold PPI. Surely it couldn’t be because ther
  7. The USA tried it with the Professional Sporting Clays Association Pro Tour. They got some sponsorship and filmed it for a few seasons, I guess trying to emulate the PGA golf tour. The tour was cancelled for the 2018 season. https://youtube.com/user/PSCAtour I’m not too sure how many shooters would actually watch it let alone the general public, the viewing demographic is not really there for shooting competitions. I compete and get very bored watching X amount of competitors shoot. 120 birds. I would and have watched the super final but as a competitor I hate them to the point I no l
  8. If you read BS 7558 which is the British standards for gun cabinets, they have always known the limitations of the standard from day one. It starts off in the introduction of BS 7558 by saying they assume the average potential thief is an opportunist and not a determined criminal specifically seeking to obtain firearms, who in their own words would be difficult to counter effectively by inexpensive means. So, they are not interested in that type of thief as they accept you are never going to stop them without a bank vault which is why the “reasonably practicable” bit of the legislation to
  9. Private parking companies cannot issue fines they issue invoices and it is all to do with contract law and heard by a district judge. I have successfully quashed countless of those for family and friends as they are never argued properly. The police issue fines and they are heard in a criminal magistrate court totally different and in this case either covered under under the road traffic act or the highways act as an offence. Both can be used for parking on a verge. Defending one is easy the other a lot harder. Ignorance of the law is no excuse ignorance of terms and conditions of
  10. If there is a pavement and a solid white line you can park on the road. However where there is no pavement it could be considered illegal. Also making pedestrians walk into the road because their pathway is obstructed can also be considered illegal. Why they state “considered” is quite simply that it is up to the magistrate to decided if it was to indicate no pavement or if it was causing an obstruction. The usual test is can they get a pram past without going into the road. Magistrates are normally irritated by motoring offences and very rarely give you time
  11. As there is no pavement you could be breaking the law. Not too sure on costs but the penalty for non endorsable fines is usually 50% more and court costs on top. “In some cases, the single white line is there to indicate that there’s no pavement – if this is the case then it’s illegal to park there.” https://www.theaa.com/driving-advice/legal/parking-guide-yellow-lines#white
  12. Unless he presidentially pardons himself or has been suggested by his acolytes resigns at 11:55 a.m. on January 20 and have Mike Pence as acting president issue a pardon. But you are right I think it is about to get very interesting.
  13. If it is the Mercedes dealer in sunny Bolton then they are certainly not trusted in my family. Both my parents have Mercedes. Every time they go there they need new tyres. My mum fell for the you need an alloy wheel straightening on her C class I told her it was a sharp practice but she proceeded anyway. Two months later it is in for warranty work and the same wheel needed straightening again and you can guess what needed straightening again at the next service. Needless to say I got the money credited back to her. Same garage my dad was told he needed new brake discs f
  14. Gordon for what it is worth I agree with you, the certificate is next to useless. The problem with testing it is how do you go about it, the legislation as written is so broad brush on purpose so the chief of police could react to unforeseen problems with licencing without the need to change the legislation in parliament and the delay that would impose. Unfortunately, they assumed the police would follow guidance not just impose their will, and without a change in legislation I don’t really see how a court case could impose restrictions on the chief of police with the wording of the
  15. What you have to remember Home office guidance is not law and the police / courts can ignore it, the only thing that is relevant is the actual Firearms act. The problem we have is clause 27 for firearms or 28 for shotguns "28 Special provisions about shot gun certificates. [F11(1)Subject to subsection (1A) below, a shot gun certificate shall be granted or, as the case may be, renewed by the chief officer of police if he is satisfied that the applicant can be permitted to possess a shot gun without danger to the public safety or to the peace." It is such a broad-brush legis
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