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  1. The other magazine looks like it's BSA - for the Supersport 5 or Century. They're supposed to be like hen's teeth, so you may have underpriced it.
  2. I knew that name rang a bell. "Willow Farm" is a ficticious place in a Genesis (proper - Peter Gabriel - Genesis) song from the seventies.
  3. I think you may mean 266 Squadron. In any case, I did mean 617 Squadron. Think about it.
  4. sandy22

    cancer foods

    All things in moderation - including moderation. No harm in a good blow-out now and again.
  5. Does anyone know of any cases of injury or damage caused by the actual process of handloading, including corollary activities, e.g. storage of components, but excluding problems from using the handloads once assembled?
  6. I've had one in 12 gauge for many years and have been very pleased with it.
  7. It's for that particular time of the month.
  8. Double rifle: move index finger to second trigger - we're now to one. Or have the middle finger on the second trigger already - now down to zero.
  9. Have you ever watched the movie "Day of the Jackal"?
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