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  1. Injectors....SOLD.... EGR valve left. £25 posted.
  2. Willing to split....or make me a sensible offer 🤔🤔
  3. That rings a bell....I'm sure I got my relum from a catalogue supplier. Then I found the webley valcan and the el-gamo....spring and a half,could do a rabbit 100yrds
  4. Includes nissan clamps and spigots,injector top hat new seals.
  5. As above bought off Hodge911....wasn't the problem with my xtrail ,all in good clean working order. £130+p&p
  6. Thousands around Newmarchar and Inverurie
  7. A lad at work recommend the Chromecast as you can stream off your phone to your tv and works better than kodi with no problems.
  8. Hey ?? only passing info on.I havn't bought One yet And I have Kodi myself.
  9. Apparently Chromecast is the next best thing.....better than kodi
  10. Snowing all night Warwickshire.
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