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  1. Alison we hope you find homes for them soon. The springer pup Meg is an absolute dream
  2. Our Vets charged me £28 for a telephone consultation, even though my dog could hardly stand, on the phone they agreed she needed to see the vet who collected her from the car park, five minutes later, according too the vet she had been scanned, given a full health check. had a booster injection and told us nothing was wrong with her. A few days later her condition was worse could not get up on her back legs, rang for an emergency appointment. told me I would have to have a telephone consultation. I told them what they could do this time, the vet saw her diagnosed a large tumour in her stomach put to sleep. Not saying she could have been saved but that little girl was in pain five days longer than was necessary, for what?
  3. Did you buy it on line if so you don't have to have a reason for returning it. Dstance selling regulations +
  4. I have a dog crate which is in very good condition, which is taking up space in my shed, it is well made and has two separate sections. The crate is as the pictures it was made for a Nissan Quashqai but I used it in my Honda CRV. Sure it will fit most CRV type vehicles. The overall dimensions are 38inches wide, X 27 inches tall X 29 inches deep it is shaped to tuck in behind the seat back. The interior is formica and washable It will have to be collected, I am located two miles off junction 13 M5 in Kings Stanley, Stonehouse GL10 The item is free but would appreciate a donation to a dogs charity
  5. A lot of ex army ammunition boxes on EBay
  6. Thank you ail for your replies, they were very helpful, we have decided to go ahead, mainly due to our age, to old to chase him, we have an enclosed garden but he has managed to escape, just going to keep our fingers crossed it all works out ok. I would like to add the vets didn’t try to convince us one way or the other so our decision
  7. Local vets only reason I'm having it done was a local bitch came into season and it was driving him mad, never had a problem with him humping, or going after other dogs until now, he did a runner on my wife and went across a main road, could have been bad, so we will have to see what happens, vet said it would cut out the problem that he may get testicular cancer.
  8. Having my two and half year old Springer neutered, any one who has had this done noticed any adverse effects
  9. Generator free to collector from GL10 Stonehouse Gloucestershire I have a generator I believe it is 6KW , with an 8HP Briggs and Stratton Engine. Starts with a couple of pulls not sure if the generator is still ok both 110v and 240v out puts, couple of known faults, the on off switch does not work, and the governor needs adjusting I have set up a manual governor apart from those faults it runs really well and would suit anyone who just needs the engine or both. It is heavy about 1 cwt so will need collecting and as I said it is free been taking up space for about 4 years so time to get rid
  10. Talk to GeoffShoreGundogs.com he is a great guy and if he can help you he will.
  11. Great looking dog hope it finds a good home
  12. How much do you want for it
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