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  1. I bought a brand new Ultra xs in February this year and the bottom firing pin is pitted already.
  2. Special order and £50 a pop about 5 years ago.
  3. http://www.celticguns.co.uk/
  4. http://www.old-downs-pursuits.co.uk Also open on the 17th March
  5. https://www.hollowfosseclayshoot.co.uk Will be open on the 17th March
  6. Hollow Fosse and Farmington quarry are both open today. Both on the A429 out of Cirencester.
  7. If still for sale. Could i have the Beretta quarter yellow please. P.m me payment details. Thanks.
  8. Yes please - I would like them. How do I pay for them?
  9. Hi, Is this £55 for the 3? If so, what is the postage please - i would like them.
  10. Harryco

    Where is this

    Mevagissey. you must have taken that nearly in front of my sisters B&B.
  11. Not long had my sgc and that took just under six months. Maybe the new year
  12. Well my SGC finally arrived today (tuesday) yippee. Just under 6 months.
  13. Had my interview 6 weeks ago so rang them Friday to find out where it was they said it was in the pile waiting to be signed so they put it on top so might get it tomorrow.
  14. If you have some old 1/2 inch drive sockets that your not to worried about find one the right size and hammer it on the locking nut. use an old extension bar as well so you don't damage the square drive. done this loads of times on scrap cars. dave ps Not that that your car is scrap but with a bit of care it will be fine with no damage to the car only the socket and wheel nut witch is no good anyway.
  15. Thanks for the welcome nice to be here. (EVERY NIGHT)
  16. Dont know if they do reloading kit. Cant say i saw any but then i dont do any reloading myself. Give them a ring very decent chaps work there. Dave
  17. Have been to Adenbourne fields sports today in Witney and was told by Bruce they are closing down.They are having a sale from now on and will close on the 31st of july. Dave.
  18. Thought it was time i said hello. Have been lurking here for quite a while.Still waiting for my sgc to arrive. Applied for it on the 21st of november 2011 so should'nt be to long now. Dave. Cant spell Gloucestershire either
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