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  1. Continental Shooter

    Lovex d002

    Any SIPE N load will do. D002 is nothing more than the industrial version of NSI SIPE powder (produced by loved). Given they can't sell it as SIPE, they use the D002 identifier. I got a ton of data (including loved own data sheet)and will send some proofed loads when I get the chance
  2. Continental Shooter

    Auto feeders

    Thanks for the tip👍
  3. Continental Shooter

    Auto feeders

    yeah, set for that...thinking a couple too to get both sides of the pond fed 👍
  4. Continental Shooter

    Auto feeders

    that's exactly the one i was looking for. this or the 6V one Was planning once a day before dusk and only up till December or so. The field my pond is on tend to flood with heavy rains/melting snow and is game over as the feed will sink and the fowl will disperse anyway (the whole area become plagued with ponds and splashes) I assume a 40 L one will do the job considering we'll shoot the pond once or twice a month cheers,
  5. Continental Shooter

    Auto feeders

    hi chaps, Looking at one (or two) myself for a pond 25 miles away from home. What are the ones you guys use? also, how big a barrel will you need on top of them to keep them going for a week or two (at worse)? Cheers,
  6. Continental Shooter

    Wad Splitter

    Nice idea😁
  7. Continental Shooter

    CSB5 steel load with data sheet test

    aye, got rid of all my 12 and now only shoot 20
  8. Continental Shooter


    I hope it's been the same for all wildfowl, it's been a beautiful spring/summer so, hatching rates should be higher then previous wet years
  9. Continental Shooter

    NE - bylaws consultation

    I originally got the request to register with NE for consultation on wildfowling through BASC email. Not saying they are involved with this one, but surely they were advising associates to comment on previous ones
  10. Continental Shooter

    SIARM shipping

    Yeah, but 5.95 is inclusive of 22% VAT which I agree is a robbery. So, my problem is more with the £10+ here which is unjustified even factoring in the shipping costs which will make it roughly E 6.95/100 if buying in bulk (i.e 5k+), considering that these are retail prices and not wholesale: that is 7c each not 10p each. If we factor in the wholesale price which is a lot lower, and the commercial shipping (again, considerably lower) I still see the biggest increase is within the UK industry (but I'm happy to be corrected)
  11. Continental Shooter

    SIARM shipping

    Sorry if I'm being thick here but I can buy 100 cheddite 70 mm hulls primed for anything between 5.95 & 7.20 euros in Italy and is £10.50 at c&g. VAT being paid in the member country doesn't get applied again so...where does that come into play? Or is it the excessive surcharge from dealers to discourage home loading what makes the difference?
  12. Continental Shooter

    NE - bylaws consultation

    I just got this through, in case someone isn't aware https://consult.defra.gov.uk/natural-england/byelaws-for-sssis/ Cheers
  13. Continental Shooter

    SIARM shipping

    Yup, that's what happened and also one of the founders left the company leaving the last remaining member to fill in the void causing disruptions of a sorts with stocks and shipping
  14. Continental Shooter

    New BASC wildfowling officer

    I come from a country where divisions are regular at all levels and know for a fact that when shooting associations started deviding, shooting lost out. Unlike France, where the shooting association is also a political.party, Italy has a number of shooting association, most of which are at regional level and it makes it impossible to pursue common good leaving shooting in the hands of politicians....which is never good. Back to BASC: since I got my first SGC I have been a member of a number of associations both down south or in Scotland; I tried to contact a number of clubs to get into wildfowling (not flight shooting) and the only genuine help I ever got was from BASC even when I wasn't a member. When I was made aware of the permit scheme I switched to them and must admit I got bags of info and help to get me started and to support me. Ii get my magazine through and reed of lots of initiatives with youngsters and they advise their associates of any consultation/initiative where input is required (last one was the consultation wildfowl from NE. I don't know what BASC has or hasn't done in the past (or present) and cannot judge, butni don't see much form the CA, SGA or other I've been associated with in the past. No judgement or intent to swing thoughts, this only my humble experience
  15. Continental Shooter

    SIARM shipping

    Sure, asking doesn't cost anything. In the meantime I can help if needed.