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  1. Continental Shooter

    ITX10 28 bore TPS

    I'll fetch you some from the BPI Manual as soon as i find it 😉
  2. Continental Shooter

    Pink numbers building

    Yeah, was thinking g the same, especially in that place, in the middle of a grass field with no natural cover, the usual blind is a very visible spot...
  3. Continental Shooter

    Pink numbers building

    My farmer reported 5k+ on Thursday, came round to shoot them today and I can say, for once, he might have been conservative. There were geese in the morning but no wind the presence of many fields of ftubble and grass made it impossible to decoy. What unfolded from 8 am, however, was a sight for sore eyes: skein after skein of geese coming from afar and filing the all valley with noise and beautiful flights. When I left -@ 10 am) an estimated 500+ (in different skeins but travelling together) salued us flying low over the hill and landing to teh field just below. It took a while for all of them to settle in and fill the unlucky field
  4. Continental Shooter

    Wigeon numbers

    Las Saturday they were coming into east cost of Scotland in 20-50 for a good hour or so, when I left some flight we're heading south but less than in the morning
  5. Continental Shooter

    3" .410 Reloading- Feedback?

    +1 3 grams will be about 100-150 bar increase from the recipe and a good reduction in speed if not adjustment for powder is taken into account. This is assuming the powder can take the load. Don't forget the smaller bore generates higher pressures
  6. Continental Shooter

    Spent shells and plaswads

    So, last Saturday was my first day out ina while. Unfortunately, it was so lobg ago that i'd forgotten the tide time I marked on the calendar was on BST and left too late. Not to disappoint the wee man, I decided to go on the country park for an easy walk at low tide. Although I appreciate what everyone's saying the list of rubbish I pick up from that area (which is the only shootable onein the park) was: 2x traffic cones, 4x strongbow can, 2x disposable BBQ, 2x can of coke, rabbish bags, ropes and a plastic sheet (possibly a tent or tent cover). I walk that area most months as I go fishing and foraging there and, although I have people leaving empties, the amount I found in ayear is far less than cans or BBQs left by campers and tourists...btw, no one from rspb ever venture that neck of the wood...
  7. That is impossible and proven as such. Plastic expands with the primer flame, paper will burn. The retention problems are the very same reason why with fiber you need 0.05 g more powder compared to plastic. Now, that might not be a problem with high pressure loads mind you, and might also help with opening up the pattern. Paper cup still sound very fragile for pellets like steel which are very hard, perhaps using mylar wrap or similar will help?
  8. Continental Shooter

    Duck/Geese Chilli Sausages

    Nice 😁
  9. Continental Shooter

    Bulging eley 410 cartriges

    The dent on the rim is not that worrying in itself, but the bulging and primer sound to me as if it's a case of overpressure. True, the chamber might be slightly overbored for the shell, but look at FES website for pictures of overpressured cartridges and contact Eley is my advise.
  10. Continental Shooter

    Bulging eley 410 cartriges

    I wouldn't say is normal. Bulging is the first sign of overpressure but be interesting to see a pclic or two of the empties
  11. Continental Shooter

    PR Steel data!

    This is the discussion I was referring to, includig some retested data https://www.duckhuntingchat.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=891441&start=25 obviously i didn't recall corectly and tolerance seems to run at 10% 😥
  12. Continental Shooter

    PR Steel data!

    I think I read somewhere they need to legally notify changes only above a certain treshold which, if I recall correctly is 20%. On DHC there are guys that tested old recipes from BPI and other published data and some turn out dodgy. I think even from looking at the data here againstbokd manuals you can see an increase in pressure using US primer whereas there the data for EU primer seem to have improved. That shows that weaker primer now ignate the powder sufficiently well whereas hotter primer have higher pressure for not so much more speed
  13. Continental Shooter

    PR Steel data!

    I'm afraid I can't. There are many factors and processes in making powder that each one could have an impact. Extrusion of the power flakenitself could be an important factor. Commercial is another factor if Alliant produces powder for other manufacturers or even a market adjustment to accommodate certain components (Fiocchi and Cheddite primers are weaker than standard American primers). The possibilities are endless but the evidence is there and has been supplied by reputable sources whom can't afford to publish bogus data. Your load might still be usable, but it ain't gonna be what you're used to...for better or worse
  14. Continental Shooter

    PR Steel data!

    I don't think is sensible to use old data with new batches, especially when evidence suggest there are big changes. A powder that's become quicker in burning rate will lose speed and increase pressure on a like for like load meaning your 1500 fps shell might turn into a 1200 fps but with much higher pressure making it incomparable in terms of performances with what you used before. As its been noted on many overseas forums, A-Steel has thrown up random results when old data was used with new batches (I think I read something about loads retorted up to 15000 psi). I know these might be extremes but there is a reason why serious reloading companies run like for like tests and publish results... Just my thoughts though
  15. Continental Shooter

    Gamebore Black Gold 20 bore

    Haha 40grams is a lot and the shell is relatively slow. It was designed to shoot long distance competitions and very high pigeons migrating over the Pyrenees. If your problem is aim, then 40grams will only exacerbate that as they need more forward lead than usuan. I think a good speed 28-30 grams load on a M/IM choke should be enough for mid range pheasants. Don't forget to pattern the shells on your gun to see how they shoot.