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  1. Continental Shooter

    UK Rubbish for kit

    You're right but they're there to avoid any such misunderstanding as writing is not quite as expressive as talking. Apologies if I offended anyone
  2. Continental Shooter

    UK Rubbish for kit

    honestly....you're in a forum and can't read emojis ... 😒 What i wrote was a figure of speech ...
  3. Continental Shooter

    pink numbers

    Of course they come in on a Saturday ... they know Sunday is non shooting day and Monday i'm off to work 😒
  4. Continental Shooter

    UK Rubbish for kit

    In all books i read about wildfowling and by speakng with many of them i realised in all the stories there is one common denominator: Wildfowlers proud themselves of pursuing the most difficult of the shooting disciplines; and rightly so. If you had all the most innovative, warm, light and hi-tech gears then ... it wouldn't be the toughest of all shooting disciplines anymore rather a normal discipline no longer worth of the stories of the past 😂😂
  5. Continental Shooter

    Powder change

    Yup, each lead load, for me has its speed range, too slow or too fast and won't be good
  6. Continental Shooter

    Too warm ... ?

    Been out 3 times, last time 2 weeks ago. Might consider some decoying but not walking to an estuary. The walk back in mucky hottish weather just doesn't quite appeal to me just now
  7. Continental Shooter

    Powder change

    I think they're just old and tested using older batches of powder I retested some of their load in another proofing houses and failed or got poor results; namely with A1 (as we know it's the dogiest of all A series) and PSB1 & 2 (another very unstable product). If you add to this the ristyle from PSB1 & PSB2 to PSB+1 & PSB+22 (faster burning than the previous ones) then you're very likely to have fails or dodgy data. there are powder that haven't changed in 50+ years, and powders that change every year ... that's why some are cheap and some aren't ....
  8. Continental Shooter

    Powder change

    no worries mate, but please stick to the height closure or RTO (every mm you close it lower will increase 80-100 bar compared to the orignal load) I know some people here don't care about pressure for safety reasons (test show that it breaks at 1500 bar ...the old chestnut) but pressure also disrupt the pattern meaning potentially more miss or pricked birds cheers,
  9. Continental Shooter

    Powder change

    be careful, All Maxam powders went through a restyle few years back and are totally different to what they were. PSB1 & PSB2 are now even called PSB+1 and PSB+2; also check out for the PSB=2 SP (SPecial) which is the slower version. This is a recent test in the proofing barrel 20/70 cx1000 psb+2 Powder: 1,35 Lead: 27 Wad: Z2m19 closed: star crimp @ 59,8 mm: Pressure: 787/807 bar V2,5 400/402. This same one with CX1000, SG21 and closed at 58 mm has returned pressure of 989/1001 bar and speed around 415 m/s so, be careful the powder is very sensitive but 19gr seems fair unless you close RTO (then 20 would be advisable) Personally, I would start 1,25-,30 x 26 with CX1000 or (better) Fiocchi 615 star crimp and spinned at 59 mm; pattern plate, field test and then make adjustments
  10. Continental Shooter

    20g Reloading Non Toxic

    given my little experience with non-toxic, I found myself in agreement with most statements so far ... but that's me being confuded LOL I only reload 20 bore, and recently started non-toxic. I do my non toxic load by hand, weighing each load and it's a good passtime; buying a press, unsless you're buying a steelmaster, will cause problems (to my knowledge) and you might find that 24g off the shelf do a decent job after all. I personally tested some load in ITX-10 from 25g (70mm hull) to 30g (76mm hull) and found them effective; however, I also came to the conclusion that payload... doesn't always pay (sorry for the pun). Reason I used ITX-10 is that it can be used with regular lead components; you can also load volume based using known lead loads (although I'd advise to reduce it slightly to increase speed). The only advise I want to give you is to buy a decent powder and stick with it. A-Steel or Lil Gun would be the best for 20 bore allowing for a 1oz load on 3'' shells. Loads can be found online on american website or i can provide some form the BPI maual if you need to. I've not loaded bismuth as this is next on the card cheers,
  11. Continental Shooter

    American E shot

    got the manual off BPI if you need some load (for ITX that is)
  12. Continental Shooter

    American E shot

    Well, that's exactly my thinking on ITX-10: tested on old gun with lead wads, generates less pressure and slightly more speed.... what can be wrong with that? But I think i found the answer in the many (many) post you ready through the forum: not many people care to shoot steel through any gun and most don't care about the choke or pellets size either so why would something so expensive ever catch on when most would not go for anything but steel anyway?
  13. Continental Shooter

    American E shot

    For ITX is £87 for 5 lbs and you get them within a week with UPS
  14. Continental Shooter


    I should agree with that. 1100 bar means that although your chamber is 3" you should only shot up to 1050 bar. That said I'm not very knowledgeable on steel but trust cook's judgment. As for the pellets size, each to their own i suppose, however on duck hunting chat (US forum) there was a recent post of someone scoring their barrell after a sesh on clay with steel(don't remember the details). Cheers
  15. Continental Shooter

    Moon flight or decoying?

    Thanks MM, That's what i was trying to get: info about your relevant areas. The idea is that with sufficient data, i can kind of guestimate, based on conditions and experience, whether to moonflight on the estuary or go for a morning flight on the stubble. I know every place is different and every tide is different but i like to analyse data and try to figure out things (sorry, professional disease). Unfortunately, i am not lucky enough to live anywhere close to where i shoot so and can't go most days (work commitments), the best i can do is to make an educated guess -on the day of my choosing- and hope for the best. What threw me off this time is the moon still up on the Saturday and my fear is that geese will fly out at night to feed on the stubble and not show up in the morning (which is probably the case). Cheers,