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  1. Nice report again. Good to see you and grandson out and having fun
  2. TSS is much harder and heavier than Bismuth meaning - you the ability to use far smaller shot to achieve the same result you would by using bigger pellets of other materials (e.g. #9 TSS matches ballistic results of #2 steel) thus having more pellets for the same payload. - heavier shot will require less pellets to reach the desired payload meaning fillers are required to reach the correct crimping height; as we know fillers, and higher pellet column, help reduce pressure overall. it is pricey but I found that using steel as a filler, helps reducing the overall cost. Also, du
  3. If the 1oz load is still the same as last year I can say it works a treat. Had no much luck in the foreshore but inland I had some cracking shot using it as a 3rd shell on my sx3 IC on fleeing geese. Had a widgeon with it and the guy on the mud came back to know what I was shooting. I use #8
  4. Hey, A-steel 20/76 fio616 1,65x25.5 b&p28+.410 disc inside #2 806 bar 445 m/s 20/76 1,75x27.5 b&p 28 830 bar 425 m/s Both star crimper and spinned at 66mm (don't close lower), closing with only a Lee type of crimp you'd get a little less pressure
  5. Fair enough, always known it as 36g myself do, assumed that was the end of the scale so to speak Cheers
  6. I think the conventional bore for the .410 is 36 Gauge
  7. +1 In my 20 bore either alone or duplex with TSS
  8. Shot a few of the lil guns loaded one on Boyd's advice and despite never getting under the geese on the foreshore last season, I bagged some screamers on widgeon. Best shot was on a windy day, with driving rain: had a 30+ bunch coming over my head at a distance I wouldn't normally shot them (even with lead) but after ours of being battered I thought I'd have a go anyway. Picked the last one as it seemed lower than the rest and fired through my 26" IC and thought I had it, but it seemed to be still going... Then I turned around to see it floating in the wind before hitting the mud stone dead. S
  9. I found Wildfowling, relatively cheap compared to pigeons. I pay a small fee to go to John Muir country park and Tay or forth are free. Probably not the greatest spots, but easy to access and relatively safe for me go go with the kids...and you can have memorable day nevertheless Cheers
  10. I've given up finding one, I just pay a guide when I want to go out. Work and family are the priorities so, if I have to spend a few hundreds pound a year to go out, so be it. In winter I focus on wildfowling and some walked up when I can find some. Shooting is a passion for me, not a job I need to apply and interview for...
  11. As usual another brilliant assay I'm gonna digest the numbers but one thing I'd say: you'd have saved a hip of cash on the wad testing if you'd dug out my assay on wads lol Granted is almost 2 decades old and doesn't mention non toxic wads but there is a section about the compression part of the wads and the effect different ones have on the pressure curve Another thing to note for the future assay is that the plastic compound, as well as the wall thickness, also affect pressure so I think your gualandi wad will give you an extra kick compared to the b&p Thanks again f
  12. Handy, it also helps lowering pressure so can play with powder a bit more if you need extra speed
  13. Young dogs are really bad for recall on a hunt, but experienced dog should stop the action if recalled, at least this is what I try to train my dog on all the time. I always had pointing dogs and learnt the danger of weak recall back in the days when I shot in Italy. The number of boars was really high already and encounters were common even in daylight when chasing woodcocks or quails. Had few of my mates dogs running after these beasts in the woods, never to return...and sometimes be seen again. I couldn't bear the thought of anything happening to my dog through fault of mine, I prefer a dog
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