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  1. Continental Shooter


    I knew b&p and Gualandi are working on solutions with additives added to the polymer compound but this seems a very good solution although it comes at a high price. Time and testing will tell what the ballistic results will be for the homeloader, but is a step forward to the annoying problem of wads on the foreshore. Today I was out for my last day out on the foreshore and whilst there was nothing about (possible due to the moon being very bright last night) collected 11 wads and 4 shells.
  2. Continental Shooter

    Article on Fibre versus Plastic

    Wow, just realised another idiocy by the man from the field. I think you need a little education on most aspects of reloading you can't just honour saying stupid things like these without a shadow of knowledge. Do you really think manufacturers use chronograph to measure speed are you that silly? If that's the case, plus the previous post, you really need a babysitter or special assistance before being allowed near a keyboard
  3. Continental Shooter

    Article on Fibre versus Plastic

    You probably have not read my earlier posts, but I am nearly 40 myself, I have a job, nearly 3 degrees, speak 4 languages and have a family with 2 kids... And even if I were a student...It'll probably count more than all the years you spent in the field in terms of hard data and knowledge. So, I'd probably say you're not worth my time with your made up stories. Ta-ta Not worth the time mate, he'll probably say that his field experience count most than data...
  4. Continental Shooter

    Article on Fibre versus Plastic

    Or maybe they have technician that know what they are talking about because they actually studied the matter rather than giving voice to abstract and absurd theories. I wonder why they are not hiring you rather than overpay physics, ballistic and chemical experts.... You still have not produce a single piece of hard evidence to back your theory up ... strange ....
  5. Continental Shooter

    Article on Fibre versus Plastic

    Then the manufacturer have got it wrong for the past 50 years....
  6. Continental Shooter

    Article on Fibre versus Plastic

    Yeah, and birds don't get hit by punches, not theynhave the same muscular strength of boxers. as I said the energy transferred is determined by mass and speed, if you want the formulae I can give it to you
  7. Continental Shooter

    Article on Fibre versus Plastic

    Ok , no problems, let's agree to disagree here,👍 but let's also just spare a thought for those boxers who died from blunt force trauma or had life threatening injuries like brain hemorrhage, bursted livers, and others. Since kinetic energy is the result of speed and mass, I don't buy that even Tyson can fire a jab at 400m/s (considering the result is a lot less on a punch due to the gloves absorbing a lot of it). Rapport that to the size and vitals of a bird and you can imagine what can be xaused. If you then would like me to gather some data on bullet injuries to armed forces (while wearimg armoured vests) or other info, i'll be please do do my best.
  8. Continental Shooter

    Article on Fibre versus Plastic

    Indeed. As it's been proved not just in the past couple of posts George intervened to confirm what you guys slayer me for -but as well from the PM I received form knowledgable member of the forum who unfortunately have been pushed off by your brigade - I don't write to increase the count of the posts or if I don't have something valuable and constructive to add to a conversation.... unlike someone else whose only word in the dictionary is 'rubbish' and the only sentence that has a purpose is 'I've been out in the field'. The fact I drive a car doesn't make me mechanic …. likewise my degree in physics doesn't make me a professor. I respect you for the field knowledge and shooting abilities and liked your videos ... but that is about it I'm afraid. True, I don't have your field expertise, nor your shooting skills but that is mostly because I employ my time trying to grow and better myself, my soul and my knowledge not only my bag and my ego; I speak 4 languages professionally, I'm studying for my 3rd degree and have a family I enjoy spending time with. So, yes my shooting time is limited as much as your your technical knowledge of ballistic is blatant; you seem one of these people that shout louder in a room to cover their lack of knowledge and understanding, but I am sure that behind that you're a nice person so, lets leave it at that. It's obvious you don't know anything about ballistic (internal, external or terminal) so, whilst I don't want to black list you as I enjoy reading about your stories, I would appreciate if you would abstain from intervening on my posts with pointless argument which are not constructive in the slightest. I do welcome a challenge but only when is constructive as this is what expands my mind and pushes my knowledge... but you and your keyboard warriors associates aren't really my cup of tea and I like to stick with others in this forum who are worth their salt when it comes to technical ballistic discussions. After all this is a section dedicated to reloading not to witch hunting anyone that speaks terms, enunciate laws or expresses concepts which might not make sense to the untrained mind. People join in to get some knowledge and they have the right to learn things as they are not as they are made by someone who can't back it up with solid knowledge. And that's not because i say so, but because ballisting is governed by so many physics law that 'i've been in the field' just doesn't cut it. thanks for your understanding
  9. Continental Shooter

    Article on Fibre versus Plastic

    Thanks George, useful as usual to have your input as i seem to always be the alien here for saying things i know for direct experience
  10. Continental Shooter

    Article on Fibre versus Plastic

    seen you're learning from me to skip posts you don't like.... do you actually have proof or is just gut instinct (which doesn't belong to scientific disciplines like ballistic)? this might be your feelings as findings need to be backed by proof. This is definitely not the industry's findings (backed by hundreds of daily tests) and as far a s i know they pay scientist to develop load and components whilst, judging from other posts.... you only base your assumption (another thing that doesn't belong to scientific disciplines) or gut feelings. As i mentioned before, the piston is used to create a boiling room (bigger or smaller depending on the wad type, compound or design) and ensure powder burn efficiently and pressure is adjusted. I have a whole essay on wads which i presented for my exam and had been written with the help of some of the leading manufacturers and 100s of test produced as evidence of my essay. I can pass it to you for a bit of reading ...
  11. Continental Shooter

    ITX and fibre

    Yeah, that's what I've done based on your volumetric tests. It works great with ITX10, the only thing is I'd probably increase the powder by 0.05 and drop 0.5g from the it's volume. That'll ensure a good doped with good stopping power. For decoys/pond shooting even just the increase in powder will give you a good shell
  12. Continental Shooter

    ITX and fibre

    It all depends on the ITX: Itx10 is fine to load with regular wads no probs. When I checked that with BPI they said they had successfully load it with gualandi and b&p wads. The Issue I found with fiber is that it doesn't pattern well at the speed required (BPI suggested 1350-1450fps) for most foreshore shooting. Most likely due to the gases escaping and causing pellets to move astray and some deformation in the pellets when in contact with the barrel (some pellets unrecovered were flattened in on side). I think a mylar wrap could reduce deformation and potentially a gas seal eradicate the issue with gases. Slower loads pattern well but when I submitted the data the BPI technician advised to shot these over decoys for best result. ITX13 is a completely different pair of hands and it does require steel rated wads.
  13. Continental Shooter

    Best fowling locations?

    I mostly go to child friendly places as Saturday tis the only day I can shoot and I like to take the kid with me. The Tay has some safe spot which can be real good at times, john Muir country park is also a nice spot but fowling wise is scarce most of the time but is very open and has a lovely beach. I went to the solway and further up north for those few days I go alone and thinking on lindsfarne for next year
  14. Continental Shooter

    Article on Fibre versus Plastic

    For the first point: true, it doesn't fully fall in but it fits in to allow the piston to push it through with minimal and more precise effort. I am sure George (Propercartridges) could be more precise in confirming this. I would also advise to watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzK3a6JR7z4 pass through to 7:15 and watch till 7:21. you cna see how easy is to pus a plastic wad in and why is used so widley by manufacturer. Fiber wad cannot achieve that. Second Point: i assume you have actual proof that this is the case? all my tests prove, given very few exceptions, the exact opposite of what you're saying but i am open to see something to the contrary. This is of course using the same recipe and components including closure height. As for the recoli; this is regulated by Newton's 3rd law and is got definitely nothing to do with wads; if you don't believe me .... trust the man himself.
  15. Continental Shooter

    Gamebore super steel

    Absolutely! can't disagree with that. Obviously, had it been hit in the head with sufficient energy, even if not penetrating, that would have been the most contributing factor in this specific case, i didn't actively check for head wounds but that's because there were no signs of it (i.e. blood or brain material loss); i did however pluck the neck (for making stock) ad was untouched. In the event of a brain damage, i would expect blood to be visible and flowing/dripping off the wound, beak or nostrils; the other evidence is that the chest cavity was full of blood cloth in line with the bruises which would indicate BFT as opposed to PT which would leave less bruises around the entry wound (due to it carrying more energy through the tissues). Also, given the position of the pellet's hit (worth noting how the pellet at the top went through feathers, skin and it got trapped between the fat and meat ) my diagnosis was the collapse was caused by lung and liver damage/shut down (especially the liver would cause a lot of blood loss).