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  1. An uncle Of mine used to say when he owed the bank £10.000 he was a worried man,but when he owed them a million it was the bank that worried 😂😂
  2. .https://www.workingdogfoodcompany.co.uk/ grain free ,my dogs love it
  3. Loch Ken south west Scotland,they had a boat catching crays and were monitored by the Scottish office ,they caught several thousand ,as per it ran out of funding and was stopped,,they reckoned that they never even made a dent in the population
  4. I’ve used gumleaf royals for 3 years and been ok so far
  5. Try Gumleaf,now on my 3rd year with them ,Royal I think is model name
  6. Try Dumfries Volvo Services,these lads know there stuff,they break volvos,service volvos, lots of parts of other volvos fit other volvos
  7. I personally think the whole brexit deal has been engineered to result in a no deal from the start,
  8. My uncle who is now 86,doctors told him his cholesterol was to high about 10 years ago and give him pills,started getting a sore leg and on speaking to another old boy mentioned about pills he got of doctor ,old boy said bin them he was the same. Went for another test for his cholesterol level doctor said it’s a lot better continue taking pills,uncle said I only took for 2 weeks and threw them in bin,asked if he had changed diet ,no I only eat what I like. butter,cream,etc everything they say you shouldn’t eat ,if I didn’t know what day it was and seen his dinner plate I could tell
  9. Oh I’m sure the powers to be could make him disappear tragically any time they wish to,
  10. Salmon farming is a big job creator in remote parts of Scotland so I doubt that ,only the public can strop it by not buying the fish ,yes it is destroying the wild stock but no more than the seals that need to be culled but that won’t happen either.i know people who work on salmon farms and one of the big marketing thing is that omega 3 is good for you, but the food is now mostly vegetable based and doesn’t contain omega3 so now they have to feed them omega3 so it is present, Frankenstein’s fish
  11. Yes but it is hard to police 24/7,but now it is legal under a trial scheme by a limited number of licensed boats,it might make it harder for unlicensed operators,and anyone caught buying there catch would be dealt with quite severely, hopefully a sustainable fishery will be established wit the introduction of it being made legal,as there’s not the damage caused as what people think, only my opinion after reading the results of marine Scotland’s trials
  12. Diving for a hobby and fishing commercially for a living are slightly different,have fished same areas for scallops for near on 40 years and there still there, so can’t be so bad
  13. Scallop dredge don’t need that, and I think tests and trials by marine Scotland has shown it to have very little effect on other marine life, I personally don’t think there is anything wrong in it, if it’s regulated properly,
  14. Get rich quick shellfisherman,I must be doing it wrong somewhere as 28 years at it and still not rich,but heyho keyboard commercial fishing experts no best, there is only about one quarter of the bay is open to scallop fishing for 4 months of the year and it is weather dependant,eg 4 days this year,so hardly over fished
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