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  1. freelander or summat else

    Got a Honda CRV Mk2 too. Good off road with decent tyres, exhaust ground clearance is a bit low but ok for fields, muddy tracks etc. Lots of room in the back with rear seats folded forward Mine gets used and abused for fishing and shooting, gets filled with wet dogs and gear. Amazingly reliable, nothing ever goes wrong. Only downside is that genuine Honda parts are expensive.
  2. Tower flintlock help

    Yes. It's a long barreled sea service pistol. Lockplate is signed "Farmer" and dated 1744. The figuring on the wood is only skin deep and has worn away round the pistol grip. It was usually done by winding tarred string round the stock and setting fire to it, thus giving a burned, striped appearance.
  3. Tower flintlock help

    Just comparing it to mine. I would say that the lock plate, frizzen and spring is original. The hammer looks like a replacement. Edit to add pic. Sorry it's not a great pic.
  4. 20 bore; yes or no

    Dead easy. 2 bolts to remove the powder/shot reservoirs, then pop the locating pins out of the side struts and lift off the the existing sizer/wad guide/crimp unit. Assembly is the reverse. Comes with fitting instructions anyway.
  5. 20 bore; yes or no

    20g conversion kit is £22.20. Link below. http://www.henrykrank.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=164_181_475&products_id=1560
  6. 20 bore; yes or no

    Down to personal choice really. Mine has 26" SXS barrels and there is no noticeable difference in performance when compared to a friends 30" O/U. On reloading, you won't save a lot unless you're loading heavy or loads that are unavailable commercially. Henry Krank sells a 20g conversion kit for the Lee loadall.
  7. 20 bore; yes or no

    Cartridges are still more expensive than 12g but not as much as they used to be. I use RIO Top Target 24g (£5.40 per 25) for clays and Gamebore 21g fibre (£5.90 per 25) for pigeons and rough shooting. There is a much wider range of cartridges available now right up to 34g, but why anyone would want to shoot 34g from a 20g beats me. I have a 1920 Thomas Bland SxS 20g weighing 5 1/2 lb and can carry it all day with ease. I find my 12g gets little use now as I use the 20g inland and the 10g on the marsh.
  8. English Double 10 bore

    I have an 1896 hammer 10 bore by A.Gale. 3 1/2" chamber, choked 1/4 & 1/2, passed re-proof at 1200 bar. I'm shooting 1 1/2oz copper No.3 or the same in bismuth. Copper is cheaper than bismuth but supplies from Siarm have recently dried up. I'm going to start looking at 1 1/2oz steel in a polythene shot wrapper within a fully enclosed TPS wad. I think the TPS wad alone would be sufficient to protect the barrels from shot contact but don't want to chance scoring the chokes.
  9. Calling the owner of my Molly

    He's not mine, he was just visiting. He did have a jumper but he ripped it off. He is a terrier after all.
  10. Calling the owner of my Molly

    Here she is on Christmas day in her Christmas jumper.
  11. Wildfowling Season To Date

    Yep, scratching around for a few ducks down here. Over half of my trips have been blanks this season. Hoping the hard weather up North will push a few birds down our way.
  12. Calling the owner of my Molly

    Well, I admit she may get a teeny bit spoilt at home but it's me that's spoilt on the marsh. I get to stay warm and dry while she retrieves ducks from the freezing water. A fair exchange in my view.
  13. Calling the owner of my Molly

    Hi BB, It's me and I still have her. Still an amazing wildfowling, beating, rough shooting and fishing dog. Also as crazy as ever. We've moved house last year, I'll PM you my contact details. Just taken a pic of her relaxing in front of the fire after dinner for you.
  14. Fast cartridge vs slower cartridge

    The last time I sent some 10g homeloads to the proof house for testing I sent some Remington Sportsman Steel (claimed speed is 1500 fps) as well. Mean velocity came back as 1505 fps, range 1446 to 1555fps. See cert below. Failed CIP velocity maximum. .
  15. Do your dogs know any commands?

    When my springer drops one I say "poooo, what's that smell" and she goes to her bed under the stairs for 5 mins.