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  1. storm in a teacup

    Hatsan escort 20bore youth model

    Sorry for the bump but I'm still looking for the above. She's hit her first clays with one I borrowed and now she's hooked. Nick
  2. storm in a teacup

    Hatsan escort 20bore youth model

    Hi I'm looking for a 20bore hatsan escort youth model for my daughter who seems to have outgrown her cut down. 410 in about 5 minutes. Anyone looking to part with one? I regularly travel the A9, M6 ,M40 so could meet up on my many travels Thanks Storm
  3. storm in a teacup

    How far do you drive for your fowling?

    20 mins drive to the Scottish side of the Solway and then a bit of a row if we're off to the English side.
  4. storm in a teacup

    Barrel pressure armsan a620

    Doesn't the fleur de lys mean it been tested to 1320 bar for HP steel.
  5. storm in a teacup

    Asking for shooting on first post

    Day out beating, helping out with the birds a good laugh with the other beaters. Better than sitting at home
  6. storm in a teacup

    Asking for shooting on first post

    I beat regularly on both syndicate days and let days on a good local shoot, I have done for the last 5 years. None of the beaters get any pay or a beaters day. I also help the keeper looking after the birds and a bit of trapping throughout the year. I really enjoy it but it hasn't led me or any of the other beaters to firing a single shot on the shoot or any other permissions.
  7. storm in a teacup

    Shooting related New Year's Resolutions?

    I'm going to double my efforts in getting my 1st permission.
  8. storm in a teacup

    10 gauge

    That's a good deal buy it and have a play. You will get your money back all day long.
  9. storm in a teacup

    Ear protection for fowling

    You can get ear protector for dogs. We use them at work all the time
  10. storm in a teacup

    Tradesman rates

    On one of my rentals I have to employ a particular gardener according to the tenancy agreement. He charges £15 every 2 weeks to cut the grass. The grass is approximately 6×10.
  11. storm in a teacup

    Bringing back a choke from US

    i bring them back a couple of times a year and have never had a problem.
  12. storm in a teacup

    . 22lr cases

    If you want any 9mm or 5.56 let me know as I will be getting some tomorrow
  13. storm in a teacup

    Hatsan escort 20bore youth model

    I'm still looking if anyone has one for sale.
  14. storm in a teacup

    moped scum, gloves off?

    I have never heard of this and I've been in the police for 13 years
  15. storm in a teacup

    Browning A5 pistol grip 12 gauge

    If I wasn't saving my cash for a 20b for my daughter I would be all over this.
  16. storm in a teacup

    Hatsan escort 20bore youth model

    Thanks, I saw that but it's a bit more than I wanted to pay and the add said no offers so I gave it a miss.
  17. storm in a teacup

    A wonderful gift from a good old boi on this forum

    As they say It's nice to be nice
  18. storm in a teacup

    20 bore cartridges price drop

    I have sent you a pm
  19. storm in a teacup

    Old photo

    Ive been aboard the Velsheda which is a similar yacht. Very nice and a bit quick!
  20. storm in a teacup

    Fitbit type recommendations

    I have a mi band 3 It was about £20. It's very good for the money and waterproof.
  21. storm in a teacup

    Need some shoe recommendations.

    Have you looked at solovair who made dms under licence for many years.
  22. storm in a teacup

    Ear defenders

    I use Peltor comtacs, I find them comfortable as I wear them for up to 8hrs a day at work. Not cheap but Luckly I get them for nowt.
  23. storm in a teacup

    20 bore carts

    I have sent you a pm
  24. storm in a teacup

    More problems for wildfowlers in Scotland

    Go a decent write up in the annandale observer as well
  25. storm in a teacup


    Thanks Auld Yin and Scully. It has been really fascinating finding out about it. I asked the missus if it can go on the wall but she doesn't find it as interesting as me so it going back in cabinet.