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  1. storm in a teacup

    Vegan in the family

    Yeah I get that he meant it as a joke, not the funniest joke in the world but still a joke. What I don't get is the accusation of twisting his words to make it someting it isn't.
  2. storm in a teacup

    Vegan in the family

    My entire post was answering the part where you stated that i was trying to make it someting it not. You did say that it was a joke and not the best example in a later post from my original comment but you also posted that i was trying to turn it in to someting it isnt going to be. How else am I supposed to take that? What was I turning that post into? How can I be twisting your words?
  3. storm in a teacup

    Vegan in the family

    I wasn't making it something its not, this is your quote above. It doesn't say anything about women in beautiful dress twirling around the dance floor catching the eye of admirers. It says all the other men are going to eat copious ammouts of meat and gawp at the bridesmaids cleavage. It's your wedding you can do what you want.
  4. storm in a teacup

    Vegan in the family

    I feel a bit sorry for the lad, he's having to pass through some hoops to get an invite as +1. First he has to go to the pub with his partner and and her parents and listain to a bunch of old farmers "compliment" the bar staff without complaining. I can only assume the compliments will be a bit salty, as who would complain about a genuine complement. Then at the wedding where he's going as partner of the groom's sister he has to oggle the bridesmaids cleavage as that's what every other man at the wedding will be doing! I hope the bridesmaids know they are only invited as the entertainment.
  5. storm in a teacup

    Octoplus seatbox backet

    Bit of a long shot but does anyone have an octoplus bracket like this one as I have lost one and the leg system is useless without it. Thanks Storm
  6. storm in a teacup

    Goose call

    I got a purple muddy gutter call for father's day as well
  7. storm in a teacup

    Hatsan escort 12g

    Cheers I will have a look around
  8. storm in a teacup

    Hatsan escort 12g

    What is up with yours as I fancy getting a 20bore for the lad.
  9. storm in a teacup

    Goose calls

    Anytime mate
  10. storm in a teacup

    Goose calls

    I bought a few the l22 calls in camo off oltdaddy on eBay. They still have them on now if you look.
  11. storm in a teacup


    Kicks high flyer extra full in an sxp
  12. storm in a teacup

    Another watch topic

    I just bought a tag carrera, mines a bit more embellished on the dial as it’s a work/charity one. Tbh I like yours more.
  13. storm in a teacup

    .410 shotgun for a 10 year old

    Glad you’re enjoying D&G and the wildfowling. You’re not far from me I’m outside Annan.
  14. storm in a teacup

    .410 shotgun for a 10 year old

    I’m looking for a .410 shotgun for my daughter to get started on. Nothing expensive thanks as she might not like it. I travel from Thurso in Scotland to Abingdon in Oxfordshire regularly for work and live in S/W Scotland. Thanks for looking nick
  15. storm in a teacup

    .410 shotgun for a 10 year old

    Browning123 Thanks but I’m looking for something cheaper as I’m not convinced she will like it.
  16. storm in a teacup

    .410 shotgun for a 10 year old

    Cheers I will have a look I’m looking for single as she might not like it. I like Abingdon as live there during the week. The traffic can be horrendous though.
  17. storm in a teacup

    Invector Plus Chokes.

    I think I have a 1/2 in the house. I will pm you tomorrow when I’m home from work.
  18. storm in a teacup

    Thieving Scum

    My sister would have been 24 last Monday. We don’t put a lot on her grave but over the last 9 years nearly all of it has been stolen. Some dumped in the local hedges and streams. Some never seen again. Before he died it drove my father mad trying to catch the culprits. Over the last 9 years we have caught loads of people. Loads of nonsense excuses when confronted. Every single one was age between 40-70!
  19. storm in a teacup

    A Report On Our Beaters Day .

    It sounds like you had a great day. I love beating on my small local shoot and helping out in the pens during the rearing season. My kids love it to and my daughter is already nagging about going beating next season. Unfortunately they don’t have a beaters day as only a couple of us only beat.
  20. storm in a teacup


    I’m doing a bit of float making so I’m looking for a supply of goose, duck, crow, cock pheasant tail and any other quills. I also have a few mates who do the same so I’m looking for a few to see us through the year. Thanks Nick
  21. storm in a teacup


    They would be fantastic.
  22. storm in a teacup

    Pocket Watch - Waistcoat

    For some reason I’ve wanted a silver pocket watch since I was a small boy, but never got around to getting one.
  23. storm in a teacup


    My apologies, I live in SW Scotland and Oxfordshire. However I would prefer post as I’m rarely at either. thanks, nick
  24. storm in a teacup

    Can opener

    A lad at work gave me one like this it’s a Remington 1918 bayonet, I will have to give this ago.
  25. storm in a teacup

    Chris green and his pump gun

    I really fancy watching the Chris Green wildfowling DVD’s but I can’t justify the expense to watch them once.