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  1. Another watch topic

    I just bought a tag carrera, mines a bit more embellished on the dial as it’s a work/charity one. Tbh I like yours more.
  2. .410 shotgun for a 10 year old

    Glad you’re enjoying D&G and the wildfowling. You’re not far from me I’m outside Annan.
  3. .410 shotgun for a 10 year old

    I’m looking for a .410 shotgun for my daughter to get started on. Nothing expensive thanks as she might not like it. I travel from Thurso in Scotland to Abingdon in Oxfordshire regularly for work and live in S/W Scotland. Thanks for looking nick
  4. .410 shotgun for a 10 year old

    Browning123 Thanks but I’m looking for something cheaper as I’m not convinced she will like it.
  5. .410 shotgun for a 10 year old

    Cheers I will have a look I’m looking for single as she might not like it. I like Abingdon as live there during the week. The traffic can be horrendous though.
  6. Invector Plus Chokes.

    I think I have a 1/2 in the house. I will pm you tomorrow when I’m home from work.
  7. Thieving Scum

    My sister would have been 24 last Monday. We don’t put a lot on her grave but over the last 9 years nearly all of it has been stolen. Some dumped in the local hedges and streams. Some never seen again. Before he died it drove my father mad trying to catch the culprits. Over the last 9 years we have caught loads of people. Loads of nonsense excuses when confronted. Every single one was age between 40-70!
  8. A Report On Our Beaters Day .

    It sounds like you had a great day. I love beating on my small local shoot and helping out in the pens during the rearing season. My kids love it to and my daughter is already nagging about going beating next season. Unfortunately they don’t have a beaters day as only a couple of us only beat.
  9. Quills

    They would be fantastic.
  10. Quills

    I’m doing a bit of float making so I’m looking for a supply of goose, duck, crow, cock pheasant tail and any other quills. I also have a few mates who do the same so I’m looking for a few to see us through the year. Thanks Nick
  11. Pocket Watch - Waistcoat

    For some reason I’ve wanted a silver pocket watch since I was a small boy, but never got around to getting one.
  12. Quills

    My apologies, I live in SW Scotland and Oxfordshire. However I would prefer post as I’m rarely at either. thanks, nick
  13. Can opener

    A lad at work gave me one like this it’s a Remington 1918 bayonet, I will have to give this ago.
  14. Chris green and his pump gun

    I really fancy watching the Chris Green wildfowling DVD’s but I can’t justify the expense to watch them once.
  15. Small pocket torch

    I’ve just ordered one from China. I will let you know in 6 months if it’s worth £1.98 😂.
  16. another what gun thread.

    Sorry everyone but its another what gun thread. After being taken out wildfowling by my mate for the first time I am now well and truly hooked. I am currently looking for a suitable gun for the new season, having looked throught the previous what gun threads many of the recomended guns are way above my budget. I am looking for something hard wearing with a 3 1/2 inch chamber and that I can shoot high performance steel through. The only problem is my budget, I have £400 max but that also includes a few cartridges. So probably nearer the £350-£370 mark ( 3 young kids and a rubbish job cap my budget). I would really like to spend as little as possible so I think secondhand is the way to go. I have been looking at pumps as they are cheaper than semi's and black rather than camo as seem to be a bit cheaper as well. I have been looking at the winchester sxp, does anyone have any experience of them? If not what would you recomend I keep my eye out for over the next few months. thanks for your time storm
  17. Kicks full

    It’s a choke.
  18. another what gun thread.

    I do some duck shooting so I bought an SXP in 3.5 inch a few years ago. Cheap and cheerful.
  19. another what gun thread.

    Since I started this nearly 3 years ago I have a bought a gun in 3 1/2 inch. I get out quite a bit probably 6-10 times a month on the foreshore where I can. I am a member of a great club and love it.
  20. Boys 8-10 shooting clothing

    I’m looking for some shooting clothing for my lad for when he accompanies me beating. Anything considered even slightly damaged as he’s only going to ruin it and will be grown out of it in a matter of days. Size 8-10 cheers nick
  21. Browning 12g Invector plus

    I have a mod choke available if tightchoke cant find one.
  22. lmporting choke tubes

    I never have a problem bringing them back from the us. I done it 4 times this year.
  23. Vintage pens

    I've just got a new posting which is office based for the next few years so I'm looking for a ball point, a fountain pen and mechanical pencil. It doesn't have to be a set but I would like them to have a bit of age. I'm also looking for a leather pen holder for them. Parker, papermate etc as I'm looking to spend tens of pounds not hundreds. Thanks for looking Nick
  24. Vintage pens

    Brilliant thank you.
  25. Vintage pens

    Thank for looking, that's the type of thing I'm looking for a ballpoint a fountain and a pencil.