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  1. Wish I'd bought something from you in the past.... Great offer 👍
  2. I will look for the leak but will have to pressure wash the underside first. A quick question.....could the fluid escape into the servo from the master cylinder thus not showing a leak? If you didn't guess... I'm not a car mechanic.
  3. where would you look first? 1993 LR Disco 300Tdi (bit of a farm/shooting vehicle) Brakes were working fine then pedal went soft. Checked fluid...Reservoir Empty so topped up. Pedal spongy but brakes worked "sort of", better after pumping the pedal a few times (yes it probably needed bleeding). Fluid did not empty out again until today, a couple of months later...no signs of leaks at first viewing but it is covered in farmyard s###. Would you look at master cylinder, slave cylinder or something else? P.S.it is the HSE with ABS
  4. Hi Marc and welcome to the forums. I'm another local'ish member, living in Norwich but shoot just a couple miles further up the road from you towards Fakenham.
  5. Schmitty

    2 callers

    HI Cragman, can I take the Extreme U-Caller with the 2 cards? Payment via paypal?
  6. Schmitty


    Also remember that modern diesels with a DPF continuously monitor and periodically increase the amount of fuel going in to make the exhaust gases burn hotter. This in turn burns off the soot build up in the DPF. When this is going on your MPG will be rubbish.
  7. crikey, it's those fast draw Norwich guys again!! Where near Norwich are you Michael?
  8. Sold to me and collected. Many Thanks BrowningDJC .
  9. I do try to be decisive ....I think!!??
  10. I'll take these PM me your details and I'll pop over and collect
  11. I think its a kind of camo paint to help you blend in with autumnal colours, (or girls from TOWIE)
  12. PM sent Re GC350 but just read your second post about collection only so please ignore my PM
  13. HI LG, a couple of questions....... how small is it folded. How heavy is it and is it suitable for someone 6ft 1"? Okay, Thats 3 questions
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