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  1. Check out the cost and regularity of servicing to make sure its in your budget. LR parts and servicing are generally quite high and problems start when you skip due dates.
  2. Just be aware that if you're going through one of the tunnels there will be a charge too. Depending on which tunnel you use it could be anywhere from about €20 to €46.
  3. Really like the design of the images and surprised at how determined they are to get in. With a 2 wire electric fence around it (solar or battery powered) would it keep them far enough away but still allow the pheasants in? Roe are also an issue but I can deal with them!!
  4. Thanks guys, much appreciated. Obviously need to allow access for the pheasants but could I put a low level electric fence round it too or is that a no no?
  5. My feeders are getting hammered by badgers..Any recommendations on how to protect?
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. Kale may be a good option but i'll give Kings a shout and see what they recommend too.
  7. Thanks Walker, we've been using millet but it tends to be giving poor cover by the end of January. We have a real problem with Badgers and are actually going to do away with one drive because of them.
  8. I'm looking for some recommendations on a cover crop that will last through to the end of January'. This is a family pheasant shoot with 1 shoot day in November and 1 shoot day at the end of January. It's a totally organic farm so any cover crop has to grow without and be free from chemicals and fertilizers. What do those in the know recommend
  9. yes from me too if MM can't pick up (as if!!!) .... and I'm in Norwich too 🙂
  10. I'm not a heating engineer but have had my fair share of Baxi boiler issues through the years. First things first.... With the current cold ambient temperatures the hot water will likely not get as hot anyway... With a smaller output boiler (24-28kW) and a flow rate of 9-10 litres per minute the water temperature will rise by a given amount. If the starting temperature of the inlet water is colder then the outlet water will also be colder, unless you slow down the flow rate. As LG says, it could be the diverter valve..... Turn off your heating and allow the system to fully cool. Feel
  11. Wish I'd bought something from you in the past.... Great offer 👍
  12. I will look for the leak but will have to pressure wash the underside first. A quick question.....could the fluid escape into the servo from the master cylinder thus not showing a leak? If you didn't guess... I'm not a car mechanic.
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