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    Member of the Kent Wildfowlers, regular at JJ's in Dartford. Other than that, and running the family about, enjoy TV and drinking too much.

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  1. Enjoyed that. Thanks for posting.
  2. Don’t worry. I’m due a couple of million US $ from a Nigerian Prince I’m helping out, so I’ll pay for a solicitor.
  3. Just dug out the receipt and it was in fact £350. The main problem was the top ejector operating even when not fired and the gun unlocking when firing a heavy cartridge through the top barrel (one of the least funny shooting related things to have happened to me). The empties weren’t being ejected very far, the barrels were loose on the trunnions and the top lever was at 6 o’clock rather than slightly off. So ‘given up’ probably an exaggeration. More like very unwell.
  4. I think it’s just down to lots of use. It’s 30 plus years old and the chap I bought it from 15 years ago shot a lot. I’ve given it plenty of hammer and never had it serviced, which I probably should have done.
  5. I'm delighted to hear that! Gun repairs have always struck me as oddly cheap (I'm thinking £50 for making and fitting a firing pin for an old gun, along with a bit of a service a couple of years ago) or expensive, so I trust the gun shop and pay what they say.
  6. £300. Pursed my lips a bit, but the only options would have been to practically give the gun away or start looking elsewhere.
  7. Townie

    THEM !

    ‘...just as horrifying’. I’m having trouble believing that.
  8. Townie

    THEM !

    Yes, fair point. I think I meant the underlying attitudes.
  9. I occasionally ask and people have always agreed very nicely. Most people are mostly nice, most of the time.
  10. My ancient 686 finally gave up and I took it to the local gunshop for a look. Chap said it was a bit beyond a quick fix by a local gunsmith and thought a full overhaul by GMK in order. I confess to being a bit sceptical, but it's come back like a new one. Apart from replacing many bits (old ones returned in a bag), they remachined the whorls on the flats on the sides of the breech (sorry - don't know the proper terminology) which had been worn down, replaced the bit of solder at the muzzle between the barrels and side rib that had fallen out and been bodged by me with a blob of superglue,
  11. Townie

    THEM !

    Yes, I've watched it through and agree. Good period feel (I think - before my time) and my literal mind liked there being an explanation of events in the final few episodes. The racism was quite a shock, but very probably the norm in that place at the time.
  12. Ventured to the clay ground yesterday and bumped into a chap missing his right hand. He was shooting a semi, which I imagine is reloadable with one hand and he had someone to button. Anyone seen any disabled shooters? I didn't have the nerve to stay and watch how he managed.
  13. That was an interesting watch. I wish my shooting was that good!
  14. Yes, I remember them! Very fancy and not cheap. Were they green?
  15. No, you're right, but I wouldn't push it if Mrs Fatchap is anything like mine. I think the two pieces are both the same sort of tempo, but I'm no musician.
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