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  1. I believe the midas chokes are slight tighter than standard invector plus. They are made by briley as I belive the standard ones are as well, but the midas are built to briley spec not browning. Standard chokes are gauged from the choke inlet, midas are gauged from the barrel bore. In effect midas should be about 10 thou tighter than standard chokes.
  2. I got a pair of 20 gauge to 410 adaptors from Brownells when my lad was younger and recoil sensitive. Put them through a yildiz and threw surprisingly good pattern through 1/4 and skeet. Bit of a clat to knock out the empties though, need to carry a screw driver, big Allen key or punch etc to knock them out. They did what we needed to but a dirty exercise as well.
  3. I went from a grade 5 725 sporter to a dt11. I'd like to say I never regretted it but it took me a long while to get it set up how I wanted it and to learn to shoot it. But now I have it right, it's been the best gun I've ever owned and I have put the most consistent scores in of my shooting career. Everything about then oozes quality and smoothness. They are a very serious piece if kit.
  4. A lot of the grounds won't allow you to take empties or use home loads because there is no guarantee of what shot load you have put in. Most grounds have a load limit of 28 gram for noise or cpsa comps and they don't want people sneaking through home loads higher than that in 28 gram marked cases.
  5. You don't need to lift the bottom bar up when reinstalling the barrels, just push the lever across when clipping the barrels in. When you clip the forend on thats what engages the bottom bar to the barrels.
  6. They used too. I bought a 3 month old dt11 about 3 years ago. I emailed gmk to transfer the warranty and got a very nice email back from Jack Waktare with all my warranty details and a nice email thanking me for buying a beretta product. Mine developed a loose trigger unit about 2 1/2 years in and they stood by the warranty no problem at all, had it back within a week just like new. Couldn't fault them for service.
  7. I've shot a box or two at pigeons before when I ran out of the 6's variant of the same and got on really well with them, killed clean out to very good ranges even through 1/4 and 1/4.
  8. My lad is 15 and just over 7 stone. He's currently using a browning 525 20 gauge 30" with eley 21 gram ct20 and it's a lovely combination. Weighs about 7 pound and the recoil is very low indeed, its silky smooth to shoot. Perfect for what your after, plus its steel shot proof for the future.
  9. I've got the miroku mk game in 32" 20 bore in a grade 5 and its been an excellent gun so far. Rounded forend, solid ribs, multichoke and steel shot proof they do not dissapoint. I believe the exquisite is very similar just slightly different engraving and inflex recoil pad. I've been super impressed with mine so can only presume the browning variant is just as good.
  10. I believe they are very difficult to load at the factory in great volume. When the shot is dropped in the wad the cup can be easily damaged by the machine. Don't think they can load them at a high enough speed/ volume for the number of shells that will be needed going forward.
  11. I'm pretty sure that in the mid to late 90's Hull did the high pheasant with a photo degradable plastic wad, not sure what happened to them, obviously had problems or just not a big enough seller. Never seen them since.
  12. Simon at Doveridge / Premier guns can't be too far away from you.
  13. I've always just spoke to recoil systems over the phone and paid with debit card with a very helpful lady. Products are spot and very nice people to deal with. I've recently ordered a couple of sporter kick eez pads from sporting targets on line and they've been very good as well.
  14. Usually browning warranty is 10 years on the action and mechanical faults and 3 years on any woodwork. The warranty isn't transferable to any subsequent owners if you sell it on and if you make any modifications to the gun what so ever it voids the warranty. I had to send my new miroku back the other week as the forend loop needed regulating as it wouldn't go back on. I had to take my kickeez pad off and the teague chokes out just on case they turned it away. The turnround was good though, go it back fixed good as new in under a week.
  15. EJC Swinton I believe is his main coaching ground these days.
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