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  1. Make sure you buy the Mk2 version, it’s worlds apart from the Mk1. I now have a Dacia Duster Mk2, Skoda got a little bit too expensive for my tastes. Hands down the best value for money car I have ever owned, does everything the Yeti did and loads of handy extras for a LOT less money. I must however state that the customer services are absolutely shocking should you need to use them. I had a minor problem, my vehicle had not been added to their database when I bought it new. I mistakenly thought they could sort it in a couple of clicks, 2 years later no further forward.
  2. I had a 4x4 TD for a number of years without any problems. The build quality is very good and the dealer support is also without fault. The VW/Skoda DPF system ( if you buy diesel) has active/passive re gen mode and you must read up on how to use it because it’s quite different to other systems. I followed the guidance but others didn’t which caused a “blocked DPF” and had to pay for ultrasonic cleaning which is expensive. It was not the best for fuel efficiency, the 2.0 TD unit would deliver a max of 30 mpg around town, rising to 40 on a long run. Hope that helps.
  3. Solid point, it must be millions sold per year so I suppose it’s just a spin of the dice as to when it’s “your turn” to get a dud. The place where I buy the cartridges from is an agri shop, they are not particularly known for the smooth handling of items and I suspect the slabs have simply been dropped at some point.
  4. We tried that but they were so damaged it was near impossible. We did however examine another pack of power blues and 2 had dents in the case, tried them and they failed to eject. I can only surmise that this batch we currently have has been mishandled somewhere along the lines. The bad primers I’m unsure about, we have used lyevale for as long as I can remember and never had one before.
  5. Agree with you there Scully until a couple of weeks ago. I have never had a problem with lyevale in any of my guns but within the last fortnight my pal and I have had 3 bad primers and 8-10 with the exact same problem as PJM has had. We were shooting power red/blue/English sporter and both guns failed to eject sporadically. The ejectors are not worn as both guns are only a year old.
  6. Agreed, fantastic guns. My pal has just bought the new affinity with the larger loading port and bolt handle. For £699, IMHO, it’s the best value shotgun currently available. I did like my maxus, but always felt the build quality was not what I expected from browning when compared to the affinity and the fabarm range. Another pal has the L4S, it cycles brilliantly but almost takes your shoulder apart with power reds.
  7. I was looking at one a few weeks back, it was old, not invector plus chokes, quite a few bangs and dents, £2500. It seems dealers are paying rock bottom prices at the moment but still charging the going rate. Around the Midlands, a new one is £3200-£3700 depending on dealers. For £1800 it should fly out of the door, if it was a 32" I would be in the car today to pick it up buddy. All the best with the sale.
  8. £1800 for a grade 5 MK38 in mint condition is an absolute bargain.
  9. I have one of these, fits a30” Maxus and a 32”MK38 with room to spare.
  10. Browning do a range of fingerless and standard gloves. I have both and can confirm they are good quality items that last. Hope that helps.
  11. 😂😂 That just made me snot hot tea out of my nose
  12. Brand new completely unmarked, removed from a new gun 2 years ago to fit a CS700 and has been sat in a box since. £130 brand new, £60 plus £10 postage. PM for details
  13. I have just finished changing all of my windows. I had a quote and the local firm wanted £5500 plus £2400 for two laminate doors. I found a company on line, modern UPVC windows direct at Hinckley, part of Burbidge Custom Windows. You simply measure the reveal, brick to brick, take 5mm off all around and design the windows you want on line. Fitting windows is incredibly easy, the doors took a while but nothing a proficient individual cannot tackle. The upshot was that fitting them myself cost £3850 INCLUDING the doors. Their prices on line have not changed at all in the last 6 months, the only delay was getting hold of the laminate for the doors, the delay was 3 weeks. My old windows must have been fitted by a blind man who was unable to read a tape measure, the worst one was 56mm too small and the gap was filled with a lake of silicone. The company will deliver nationwide for £50, regardless of how many windows are purchased, I collected mine as it was only a hour away in the car. Hope the information helps. Best of luck👍
  14. I was chatting to a keeper (now retired) the other day about walked up. He asked me what chokes I was using, I responded with 1/4 1/2, it’s what is in all of my guns and I use it for just about anything. His exact words were “why are you messing about with that nonsense, you want cylinder and 3/4 or full for walked up) When I asked him why this particular set up he said “because on walked up they are either right under your feet, or miles away” To be fair he has a point, I’m going to give it a go and see what happens.
  15. Absolutely agree with you, IMHO I believe a simple request for assistance is entirely correct. If you lived in Shropshire you could borrow mine buddy. I know many air rifle shooters who do not own a chrono…..because they always borrow mine👍
  16. Taileron

    Which one?

    Cheers. The 95 runs at 11.6 like a metronome, but my current favourite is the 44. I completely underestimated the level of skill pistol shooting requires, it’s nice to have something I can do at home during lockdown as my shotguns were just gathering dust.
  17. Taileron

    Which one?

    As you asked
  18. Taileron

    Which one?

    Hello, I have had all of those 3 previously. TX200 was great out of the box, but I felt it was fiddly to load especially whilst wearing gloves. HW97 was a dog out of the box, but once a vmach kit was in, it was as good as the TX200. A bit easier to load. Prosport was again great out of the box, beautiful looking gun (the best springer ever IMHO) but when scoped really heavy. Sold them all and moved into pcp’s…..but still had a springer itch. I now have a HW95 in a CS700 thumbhole, which I will never sell. All of your choices are excellent guns in their own right so I would recommend, if possible, having a good go or at least shoulder all of your options. Best of luck.
  19. 3 gun cabinet, bought a couple of years back. Fits up to 30” or 28” semi automatic. Selling due to overseas move. £40 collected from Shropshire
  20. Yes, they are just as good as the 19grm loads. I usually get whatever is available and tbh I have not noticed a difference between them. What choke are you using? I was using 3/4 full but the patterns were horrible so I’m now 1/4 1/2 and have not noticed any difference hitting the rangey stuff.
  21. As rockhamster correctly states, the fundamentals need to be grasped initially. When I did my Glock conversation course it was really apparent that hold sensitivity was the key. We had come from the browning 9mm where we were taught to hold onto the thing for dear life but not the case with the Glock. I’m just about to get myself an air pistol so I will follow this thread with interest.
  22. Clay shooting is very addictive AND very expensive, once your ticket arrives getting your first gun is a really special experience. I have just brought my friend and his wife into the sport and they had a budget of £2000, so it can be done quite easily, they both own new supersports they got for £699 each. Once your ticket arrives you are in the new/2nd hand dilemma, many will say buy a good 2nd hand “good” brand, others like me favour warranty and like new. We are spoilt where we live as the WMSG is just down the road so my wife could handle a good selection. She tried the 525 Liberty, vittoria, Kofs, ata and a few S/S, she chose the Kofs 20g. She has now bought a Yildiz junior in 20g, and my daughter has one in .410, cracking gun for virtually no money, both non electors. To summarise, try as many as possible for fit, buy one and go and have some fun.
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