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  1. Nice one, just did the video for my little girl.
  2. Times change, but slowly in the military. As a young liney (1990) my diet was bacon butties for 10am when the first wave had launched. Lots of fags ( cowboy killers were the chosen smoke ) and brews, chips at the mess for 19:00, beer until blurry, bed, awake at 05:00 for another 12 hours. 30 years later back on the same Sqn its protein shakes/monster energy, vaping all day, 7pm chips in the mess and vodka shots/ cheeky vimto until blurry.
  3. I have always had a semi in my cabinet apart from now. I sold (virtually gave away) my Affinity to a good friend who was down on his luck and needed a boost. I have just (today) ordered a new Affinity De-lux, hopefully it will be here soon. For walked up I now use a S/S, I was using my O&U, this is simply for ease empty case retrieval. Pigeons ( in a hide) and clays I have and always will prefer a semi. Saw a bloke at millride using an elastic band to the same effect, worked very well.
  4. 100% accurate. I have spent my whole working life in the military and a huge amount of time in both of those places. The youngsters who were deployed just got on with the job at hand. My son has followed his father into the military and weeks before his wedding he/we tragically lost his sister. We just endured and again got on with the job at hand, his wedding. I’m at the very end of my career and occasionally we do get a idiot through the door but the vast majority are as good, if not better than when I joined up in 1990.
  5. Not sure what I could offer would be acceptable 😂
  6. I would have an Electric vehicle if I could afford one, far too much money at the present time IMO. I bought Mrs Taileron a Dacia Sandro as her run around, she crashes every car at some point, it cost 6k new and now has a dented door. My neighbour has just bought an electric mini, 26k new. Approximately the same size, the mini is a much better quality vehicle but 26k it should be. Until an accessible priced electric vehicle is available I think most will be buying a new petrol/diesel car in mid 2029 and seeing what the future holds.
  7. I visited Weismans in Cannock, he had a great selection of S/S, some of those you mentioned were in stock and had been refinished, they were in immaculate condition, but they were not cheap. I have to agree for walked up they sit lovely on the arm. I’m fortunate enough to have a very large permission so I went out last night for vermin control, it felt lovely but took me a bit to get used to shooting one again.
  8. Thanks👍 It’s very well put together, a few knocks on the stock but nothing serious. The action is tight and the blueing is good. No pitting or bulges in the barrels and the ejection is very strong. I had never handled one until yesterday, very impressed. Are they still in business?
  9. I rejoined the club yesterday. Picked up a 28” Ugartechea ( I think that’s the correct spelling ) for virtually no money. Excellent gun for walked up.
  10. Nope, good old Hermes are still doing their very best. I ordered a few clothing items from M&S (Xmas gifts) last Wednesday. Saturday AM half the delivery arrived by Royal Mail. This afternoon I received an email from Hermes stating my items had been delivered so off to the front door I went.....no parcel......silly me, why would it be by the front door (like every other courier) when it could have been thrown over the 6 ft fence into a nice big puddle......let’s hope the plastic bag is intact.....nope a great hole in it......parcel now full of muddy rain/puddle water. Amazing Service.
  11. I can’t comment on other models, I followed the instructions and “ran in” my Affinity with some heavy loads (32g min) and it cycles most. I tried to get it to fail by deliberately mixing loads, 21g is the lower limit. It likes 70mm shells and I mostly shoot lyevale power red/blue.
  12. Spot on. The UK importers, GMK, stock virtually zero extras and have limited options for franchi in general. The seem to have an extensive Benelli and Beretta range........I wonder why.
  13. I’m with you on this, I don’t see the point.
  14. Or one of these bad boys. I sold my previous Affinity a few months back as I was going to buy a John M Browning special edition maxus. My RFD, who promised to give me a bell when they were in stock didn’t bother and sold his pre orders, so I didn’t get one. I hope Santa gets my letter in time.
  15. Both my previous Fabarms did the same, steel throughout the full range.
  16. That will be my next purchase, absolutely lovely thing in grade 5.
  17. Breiley guns has a mint one in for £1295, had a look at it a few weeks back, lovely thing.
  18. I agree mate, but still worth a good look over. Like I said if you get a good one they are excellent, just I got a couple of lemons ( which could have been damaged in the proof house, not the factory) Lincoln make a quality gun and are available new for £599 for the base model, for the same you can also get a higher grade 2nd hand. Don’t for one minute think more cash=a better built gun, it should but sometimes it doesn’t. Pre lockdown I was shooting at oak edge following a party where 1 individuals beretta had lost its hinge pin, all manufactures can make a lemon. The Turks can make a quality product for virtually no money, just ask any Hassan pigeon shooter who has thrashed their gun and it still keeps going bang.
  19. Not for me unfortunately, I’m one of those individuals that have absolutely zero luck with anything 2nd hand (not much better with new) but I have a guarantee to fall back on.
  20. Just to thrown into the mix my experience of ATA. I purchased the junior stocked game variant for my wife as it seemed to represent excellent value for money. She loves it, it’s not missed a beat, so I picked one up as a rough gun as I didn’t want to bash my miroku based on the gun my wife had. I ordered a 30” laminate version, the first one arrived with a dink in the stock, the second arrived with a dented rib, the third was ok and it performs well. Unfortunately the safety started to play up so I took it back to my RFD who exchanged it for a new W&S 912b. It appears to me that if you can get hold of a good one they represent excellent value for money. The guarantee is 2 years, so you will have confidence there. The W&S is a different beast altogether, much higher build quality of the mechanical aspects but needs to have the stock properly treated from new, failure to do this and the first time it gets wet the finish turns to a dull washed out mess. I have now given up on finding a good/cheap/new rough gun and am back to taking my chances with my MK70.
  21. I’m with you there. According to Tracey Kox in the DM today women are yet again enjoying having a right hairy bush because of CV19 lockdown.
  22. I had my 32” 525 “fitted” at on rather posh and expensive RFD, couldn’t hit a barn door with it. I then changed my gun multiple times until I ended up with an MK38, 32” with a trap fore-end, which I can hit a barn door with. Many people have said the exact same thing to me, a 525 is essentially a MK38 (or vice versa) so much so that I started to believe them and had another go with a mates 525. Blanked two stands at millride, couldn’t even hit the “training birds” with it. My other pal then bought his 30 year old MK 70 out and I had a go with that, i now own one of those, neither has been fitted but I shoot better than I ever have. I only wish I had spent the money on a proper fitting session from a fitter, not an RFD as I must have blown 10 times the cost on PX of guns to luck into finding two that actually fit out of the box.
  23. You’re not wrong there! I had a nasty shock last year when I decided to do an Experian check prior to arranging car finance. I was still linked financially to my ex, we had been divorced for 8 years. I had to reopen communication with her and sort it out.
  24. Thanks for that, got a reservation on one this afternoon. Cheers buddy👍
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