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  1. There was a two minutes silence for remembrance at Bisley. Disappointed. Despite an announcement on the radio and the hooter sounded for cease fire, there was still firing on one of the smaller ranges, maybe Winans or Cheylesmore. Very poor. Show some respect!
  2. It's the fact that the MOT garage thought that they had to trick you into booking an MOT I object to. Either that or they are spending misinformation.
  3. Lots of recovery methods are allowed over short distances even off motorways. Towing from one end of the country on a bit of string not so much.
  4. Sorry that sounds a bit of a line to me.
  5. Centrepin I haven't heard anything about historic class needing an MOT for sale, is that a new rule? Plenty of vehicles that need an MOT get sold without one. I've bought MOT exempt vehicles in the past and not needed to MOT. As the MOT exemption is linked to the tax class it would be hard to police.
  6. I would say disco too. Get one witj a DI in it (Bosch pump) and run it on veg oil. I love the smell of chips in the morning
  7. Sorry not true. Tax exemption is not limited mileage in the UK. Yet. Mind if we ever leave the EU we shouldn't get the limits they have on historical tax class. Historical tax is age related. Even though the road tax is free, you still need to tax it. Classic insurance is commonly mileage limited. Have to agree and say that the landy in question doesn't look like it would keep the original reg as the engine, possibly the box and also suspension isn't original spec. It's a points system and the drive train is a big part of it. The chassis can't be altered either. Landrovers are a bit of a favourite with what was VOSA (now DVSA). They often get picked on at shows. If qiestions get asked they do know what they are looking at. Q plates are massively disliked by insurance companies.
  8. Hi Vince! Good to see you the other day The DVLA are no help either! Ring them to ask advice and get different answers each time. I will say, about hire and reward that if you make any money out of doing something it's hire and reward.
  9. This is probably sorted now, but if you chanfe the keeper online it registers straight away and the refund is on its way to you the next day.
  10. Here's my personal experience. I have 7.5 ton on grandfather rights. I neved did my CPC my CPC. I have a 7.5 ton beavertail for my own use. I never have a problem. Never been stopped. My mate borrowed the truck. He too is an old **** with grandfather rights to 7.5 ton. Despite using the truck in the same way as me he ended up in court because the cop that stopped him just wouldn't leave it. He was found not guilty of having no CPC or O license. Not a nice wait for the court date though.
  11. I wondered if it was....
  12. Worried about the downward spiral of this topic....
  13. I know it's not exactly the pyramids, but it was built in an age before power tools and commonly used heavy machines like diggers.
  14. I can see where this comes from, but crominalisong treaspass could also mean honest shooters could end up with a criminal record. Imagine if you were on some land and accidentally crossed onto some other land? Or am I completely wrong?
  15. This is true. I would hope responsible shooters would know the difference
  16. Another vote for Bisley here! I work there so I would say that! You can book a lesson and rent rifles so it's a good introduction. If you want a good marker my website is in my profile and I work through the NRA too. You can ask for a particular marker when you book a target. I wish your boy luck and hope he enjoys himself on the range.
  17. Anythinglike the tower bridge, built when horse power was common amazing. Modern bridges do look good but aren't as impressive.
  18. It's a fine line between preserving the countryside and providing APPROPRIATE places to live. It seems if you're a multi million pound company it's easier to get planning permission for a new housing estate than to convert your own existing building. I think that's the wrong way round!
  19. Tooth decay bacteria can cause organ damage take the chance, as long as he's otherwise fit.
  20. It's never about the law or the view or local environment. It's always been about the money! That said I hope that the council get plenty out of the land owner! He's taking the pee and could afford to have done the planning application properly, even an appeal if need be.
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