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  1. The GL was exactly that - `General` - and has effectively been used as a vehicle to justify all manner of shooting, even if not actually fully justifiable (with regard to the specifics of the GL). I'm sure that we have all used it to justify `pest control`, when we have in fact been undertaking sporting shooting and not within scope of the GL. The fact that so many shooters won't know about it will be balanced out by the number of Police etc who won't know either and/or care. In 30 years of shooting I've never been challenged by anyone quoting the GL, so I hope there won't be a sudden growth of over zealous enforcement. As has been pointed out, the sad thing is that a lot of shooters don't actually understand the basis of the GL, why it exists and what falls within its scope. NE have relied too heavily on the catch-all vagueness of it and now we are in this sorry state. Hopefully we can all jump on-line - enter the relevant information and have separate licenses for each form of pest/vermin control that we undertake. It's a bit of a bind but I have no issue doing that if it protects/justifies what we/I do. The biggest issue will probably be shooters having to justify what they shoot, as so many of them probably didn't fall under the scope of the old GL anyway. Interesting times ahead.
  2. I've had a quick look on-line and 28" seems to be the norm. Nice looking gun. I've got a L/H `synthetic` Hatsan that is very similar. Great guns for rough/pigeon shooting.
  3. hedge

    petrol strimmer

    I recently bought a new Stihl but looked at loads of 2nd hand strimmers on ebay, Gumtree and Facebook market place. As long as you are careful about it, you could get something sensible for about £50. If you are using it for a shoot working party or whatever, just make sure the stimmer can cope with the type of undergorwth and/or can use a brushcutter attachment.
  4. For me the options are now very (sadly) limited and reflect the valid comments above: Watered down version of TM's **** deal Revoke Article 50 Either way, we are 1) effectively still in the EU or 2) still in the EU. The EU said again last night, "you still have the option of revoking A.50". They've said that from the start and has always been their plan B. They have a win/win proposition based on the options above. No deal Brexit should never have been taken off the table. We had an exit date and that has been made `flexible`. Won't talk about `democracy` or the original Brexit vote. No point. I voted to leave based on my views of eroding sovereignty and too much control/power in Europe and not the immigration tripe or inflated NHS savings. Apparently, I'm unable to make an informed decision, whereas the #remain 18-20 age bracket have got their heads screwed on. I will continue to vote to have my voice heard (cough), and it will be interesting to see what changes (if any) this fiasco brings to the Parliamentary scene. Very little I expect.
  5. Cracking advice. I failed to mention age limits due to not reallly remembering what they were (we just did it when we felt it was appropriate). As Dave says, some people want to rush things and/or show off about what their pup has achieved at a young age. Like children, dogs have different personalities, learning curves and ability to absorb information. Don't feel pressured into doing too much too soon. Go at their pace, not yours. Enjoy them being a puppy before you try to do anything too advanced. Look forward to seeing a photo. Are we talking lab or spaniel or something else?
  6. If you want to go back a step and get them used to loud noises, you can just start by clapping your hands etc. We used to do it at feeding time with the puppies. Get's them used to sudden noises. Maybe drop a metal dog bowl, just so they get used to the noise and it becomes almost `normal` background noise. We then would take them out for a walk, clap hands and then eventually have someone with a .22 starter pistol about 100 yards away. Fire a shot, ensure dog ok. If dog ok you make the gap smaller and repeat but don't do too much too soon. .22 is more of a crack and a shotgun is louder/deeper. That can be introduced when you are happy the dog is fine with noise (start at distance again). A lof of people tie that in with using dummies so the dog associates the shot with a retrieve. Everyone does things differently of course. My only guidance would be don't overwhelm them and do to much too soon. My lab is fine with gunshot but hates gas guns!
  7. I'll take that on board! 😀. Fortunately the crows didn't notice. How rude! That's my `snack bag` - almost more important than my cartridge bag..... 😅
  8. I've used posh netting and standard army netting with the same levels of success. The main thing for me is that your quarry can't see through the net and/or detect movement. It's always nice to have a hide that blends in to your surroundings (makes you feel good) but I've also hid behind bales, buildings and all sorts. You can supplement with vegetation etc if needed. I now wear greens/browns and don't worry about camo clothing. If you are well concealed then your clothing shouldn't really matter. My mate shoots in jeans and a t-shirt. My current net preference is army net (mainly due to price) with a green mesh liner (helps conceal movement better). https://www.bstfabrics.co.uk/Emerald-Green-Airtex-Mesh-Eyelet-Sports-Vest-Lining-Fabric-150cm Don't get too hung up on it. The main thing is the b*ggers can't see you!
  9. hedge


    Cryto currency is very volatile and currenty not doing very well. A colleague of mine invested £120 about 12 months ago into a smaller `alternative` currency and his `investment` is now worth about £5. Bitcoin is the most well known and even that has dropped from previous highs of nearly £15k to £3789 today. It has gone up in the last month from c.£3k to £3.7k, so it has improved recently. Still a lottery. If you don't risking getting nothing back then feel free. If you want a better/safer/smaller return, then look at bonds or other guaranteed schemes. Or just stick £250 on the Grand National!
  10. To be honest Raja, i don't know any more! 6 months ago I would have said he'd be a prime candidate as he seemed to have a lot of support. My father in law thought he was the best thing since sliced bread. Personally, I thought he came across as slightly arrogant/pompous public school boy who acted like he knew everything (standard Tory attitude?). Since his MV3 u-turn ("I'm in if the DUP are in - oh they're not - ok, I'm out") I think he's shown his true colours and lost some credibility (even my FIL isn't sure if he's the man he thought he was...) I always assume that these sorts of people want the top job, but maybe not. He's happy sitting in the sidelines, sticking the knife in and then waiting for the fallout. I think a lot of MP's are happier not in the top job as it's a bit of a poison chalice. They'd rather be out of the firing line but still stick their oar in when it suits them. Boris is just as bad, if not worse. I think the guy is a public school baffoon. He was there in '16 supporting Brexit just to get at Cameron and get an angle on the PM job. He never expected it to suceeed. He subsequently distanced himself from it and now that TM's house of cards is falling down, he's come out of the woodwork. I think he's only managed a couple of U-turns in the last week. He's meant to be front runner for the PM's job as well. I remember being told when I studied Politics that the MP's are only the window dessing in Parliament. They change every 4/5 years (not completely but they come and go, elections get held etc). Behind those MP's are the civil service, the Whitehall Mandarins who arguably `run` Whitehall and serve whoever the governing party are. They don't change when the Govt does. My Dad used to watch Yes Minister when I was a child. I never understood it, but now I find it (sadly) hilariously accurate, and it ages really well. We need a modern version of it: Theresa May - Are you sure this is a good deal? Mandarin - Yes Prime Minister - after all, you are delivering Brexit TM - Do you think we're giving the EU too much? M - Oh no Prime Minister - it's what the people wanted TM - Oh Ok - do you think history will remember me for this? M - Oh, Yes Minister...... Even if we kick out the current Govt, the back office function will remain and maybe that's part of the problem. Too much history, `tradition`, bureaucracy and secret handshakes. Whether there is a political/electoral revolution, I don't know. I think very little will change. The peasants revolt, we have a GE, new people promise to `review` stuff and in 2 or 3 years time sod all has been done about it and all is forgotten. Government is about appeasing the electorate whilst furthering their own position. Or as my Dad used to say, "spending a lot of time, effort and money achieving very little". I think that once Brexit (or not) is finally resolved, we'll get a better view of the future political landscape, whatever that may be.
  11. I don't even know how to put it into words any more. Is it a conspiracy theory? It certainly looked like that when May did her `deal` (or did they just have per pants down?). The EU didn't want us to leave and neither did Parliamennt, so we'll just frustrate the whole thing for 3 years, revoke A.50 and live happily ever after. The root cause of this for me is May getting a cr*p deal - whether intentional or not. I am just so annoyed with her arrogance and /or sense of denial. To lose MV1 and 2 and then say "the people have spoken and we have listened" - oh really? She was told way before that (she was on her 3rd Brexit secretary by then). Taking it to the wire like that was very arrogant (or stupid). Losing a massive majority by calling a snap election should have told us something about her ability to make good decisions. Her deal might still go through, who knows but the Tory party's lack of cohension and backbone has really left a bad taste. Ultimately, they have been asked to deliver something that they don't really believe in. JRM, Boris et al, they only care about their careers. Both eying the PM prize. It's just a game to them. It again boils down to asking career politicians to make tough `business` decisions when all they are interested in is job security and the Westminster gravy train. As for Corbyn - OMG. The Labour party should be all over this like a rash - the best opportunity ever to challenge for power and what have they done? Practically nothing. Corbyn is so undynamic, lack of personality. Labour need to ditch him to stand any chance. I will vote at the next GE because that's the only way I can have a voice. I voted to Brexit and I feel that has (to date) been partly betrayed. Protesting in Westminster won't change anything. I just have no idea who to vote for. The Tories have really disappointed me and I can't vote for Corbyn, even though he and the Labour party should be in the ascendancy. With a choice of 2, you either vote for your usual, protest vote or don't vote. I'll see if any of the smaller parties offer anything that I feel is of interest but ultimately it could be a wasted vote. Time for proportional representation? We'll have more hung Parliaments and coalitions. Just like a lot of Europe. Not sure if that's a good thing or not. No deal Brexit should be the default position, even if it gets the EU back round the table to thrash out a better deal.
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