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Found 15 results

  1. jall25


    Hi guys Has anyone a crow please Derbyshire / South Yorkshire
  2. Cawlin Crow Decoy. New & unused. The box is in poor condition though. Uses 4 AA batteries not supplied. £25. Collect from Wednesfield or Droitwich, I often travel down to Worcester and up to Whitchurch if that helps with traveling.
  3. 12 Flexicoy pigeon decoys, these are old versions. 10 are in very good condition, 2 are unused. 1 old plastic full body Pigeon decoy in poor condition, no legs. 1 plastic full body crow decoy with legs, very good condition. 1 pigeon shell decoy, very good condition. 1 green carry bag, 4 outer pockets, carry handles, shoulder strap with a big soft pad. Small bit of netting to cover holes etc. Very reluctant sale but short of storage space. £50 most definately no offers. Collect Wednesfield or Droitwich or Telford. I often travel down to Worcester and up to Whitchurch if that helps with traveling.
  4. jall25


    Hi Chaps After a crow for Larsen please Derbyshire/Notts/South Yorkshire Thanks
  5. £10.00 posted. U Caller extreme sound card. This fits the older model pre 2018 green coloured U Caller.
  6. I have several spaces remaining on some of my shoots - available immediately. Runs from 1st April to 31 March each year. You are supplied with personal & vehicle passes and can attend at almost any time without making bookings, shoot when you like. Good varied quarry. Please p.m me with your full name, email address and contact phone number. I will mail you back a set of rules for information & arrange to have you shown round ASAP. My bailiff will be showing perspective members round this Friday during the day & will call you for a chat. Now the light evenings are here, evening viewings will be available as well. I have four places available at a Rawreth/WIckford shoot priced at £400 pgpa. I have one place available at a Billericay shoot priced at £420 pgpa Just One gun available at a lovely Rennendon/Runwell shoot at £550 pgpa. Just One gun available at a nice starter shoot at Runwell for just £175 pgpa. If you are the sort of person that shoots anything that moves without caring what it is - this is not the syndicate for you. I expect members to be respectful, considerate & safe. I only supply the appropriate number of guns depending of the size/type of shoot, nothing is overshot. I have 27 years experience in this area & am proud of my reputation. I can provide all details via email or telephone. Look forward to hearing from you. Regards Gordon
  7. Crow on some of my old shooting permission. Harsh crops due to distance. GG
  8. Hello all. I'm hoping to be able to find someone I can go decoying with. I'll start with a short'ish intro as I'm new here. My name is Adam, 33, married, I have a dog, no kids, I work in the a Dementia specialist care home. I love the country, dogs, camping, shooting, motorcycles, metal detecting, photography & my truck! I have been shooting for about a year, and would really like to get into Decoying! I have had the idea of starting decoying since just after I started shooting, but finding my own permissions have been challenging as I'm sure your all aware. I have been offered to tag along with a chap, but our work/free time schedules haven't lined up as yet, so I'm hoping to broaden my chances by reaching out here. Since this lockdown I have spent more time than I am willing to calculate watching the Fieldsports & Shooting Channel, watching the likes of Andy Crow, George Digweed, Geoff Garrod take on the pigeon population. Id like to give something back to my local(ish) farmers and help them with the pest problem, and crop protection. I live in Bedfordshire, and am happy to travel to surrounding counties and further if need be. If there is anyone willing to take on a very eager, very helpful, punctual, trustworthy individual, I'd be delighted to lend a helping hand - when this lockdown is over... Please, feel free to ask any questions.
  9. Experienced shot, with a trained lab looking for shooting opportunities in the Lancashire area, thanks in advance
  10. Hi, I'm new to Pigeon watch. so I just want to post a short introduction. I'm a member of local rifle and pistol club. Having just taken up air gun shooting, I,have an Air Arms s410 tdr and a Walther Rotex RM8. Presently shooting targets to develop the skill required for accurate shooting, before moving on to vermin. If anyone would like to invite me to shoot Corvids, Pigeons, Brown Rats or Grey Squirrels, in the East Sussex or south Kent border area, I'd be more than happy to accept. I, have day and night vision scopes. I'm a safety conscious ,71 year old man, non smoker. with a lot of free time.😊 All the best.
  11. Just curious to see what types of manual calls you guys are using If you have ever thought about getting into the use of call's would really like to hear peoples opinions on calls in regards to the imported calls that are all factory injection moulded and the hand turn custom side.
  12. If anyone can help out, I'm struggling to get a crow for my Larsen to get me started this year. Many Thanks Kev
  13. Hi I have been playing around in the garage and made this to add some movement to decoys. A lot of my shooting is around the farm yard and that is where I will be trying this out over next few days (if this wind will drop 25mph today ). Have a look and let me know what you think. Cheers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QPgCrezZzk&list=UUC9bFGQoMmYFjsFikJ-fQ9g Not sure why my text is boxed in grey
  14. I was free for a morning last week and decided to take the HMR for a walk. I setup under a holy bush overlooking one of the fields. I spread some rubbish (food packaging) out in the field to bring down some crows and magpies. As you can see the weather was good but cold. Here is the video and see what you think. http://youtu.be/twxGZ7ZF8CU Thanks Antdg.
  15. Hi In need of shooting buddy to accompany on pigeon shooting forrays. I have a permision on 120 acres rape near marlborough that the farmer is keen to keep pigeons off. Not promising red letter days but if you wanted a few pigeons for the pot this could be ideal for you. STRICT RULES crows and pigeons only shotgun ticket insurance is essential. no dogs
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