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  1. i may be acquiring about 40 bayonets, wheres the best place to get advice from please, ie valuation etc, thanks ray
  2. Dear PW I work in London and live on the South Coast. I have wanted another dog, we have Jack Russell 4yo and entire. The jack goes to work with the wife. I've been given the OK to bring a dog with me to work. I'd ideally like a small springer bitch and would like to give a home to a working dog that for some reason doesn't cut it. IE a 2 or 3 yo dog not a young pup 4 days a week will involve a short walk to train, 80min train ride, 2mile walk through Royal parks and quiet streets. Out at lunch. The reverse journey home in the evening. At work she'll be in a bed in her own are
  3. Is any one on PW using a Huglu Semi Auto, any report on the gun Good or Bad as I am looking at a 20 Huglu tomorrow. Thanks Butch
  4. Is any one on PW using a Huglu Semi Auto, any report on the gun Good or Bad as I am looking at a 20 Huglu tomorrow. Thanks Butch
  5. Hi all, i'm new to the forum so hope i'm posting in the right area. Got a question maybe someone can help answer on here. I moved to live on a narrowboat last year, changed SGC to new authority (Northants) and FEO has said cabinet on a boat is no issue. I am on a secure mooring, just looking for some enlightenment on how to secure cabinet in the boat. I've heard of a few ways it could be done but does anyone on here have practical experience on the matter? Looking for the easiest way ideally, under the bed out of sight. Thank you and any suggestions are appreciated. Rob
  6. Hi, Having little money now the season of buying stuff that people don't need for people you don't like approaches I thought I had a good deal where I got an older pump action Multichoke in px for my £75 Italian semi auto A5 copy but, the guy took a cash deal instead leaving me grumpy and looking around for a plan B. Once I get shot of my Franchi , my slightly pathetic budget is £200 which means i can have a Hatsan or an older Mossberg. This should be a no brainer in favour of the Mossberg but Hatsan seems to have ironed out the problems it had with earlier models, I'm not c
  7. Hello My plan to make sloe vodka is as follows: wash hands, remove blackthorns and apply bandages. Sterilise kilner jar in oven - 190 degrees for about 20 mins. Allow to cool and add sloes that have defrosted and been smacked about with rolling pin but not pricked. Add equal sugar to sloe weight. Top up with SWMBO's vodka Add some vanilla (?) not sure about this bit. Shake every couple of days till sugar dissolved. After 3 moths decant and filter. Then leave till Christmas in the dry dark wardrobe. Does this sound like a plan?, first time and would welcome advice...... N.
  8. hi guys i just need a bit of advice, i have a .22 hatsan striker 1000s. i shoot pigeons normally and i am having a bit of trouble killing them i have a good shot and i am hitting them either in the neck or head and do not seem to be killing them. they either need to have another shot to kill them or they fly off. i have tried using a couple of different pellets but it dose not seem to make a difference. i was looking on some advise on what pellets to use or just any more advice i can get. thank you and i will appreciate any advice you have got.
  9. Hi am going to fish grafham for the first time next weekend does anyone have any advice on how to tackle this water for the first time ? Any advice is appreciated Thanks ferret
  10. I have been watching pigeons feeding on Ivy berries, there have been a couple of hundred birds in a strip of trees every morning this week, been watching them on my way to work. what would be the best way to decoy birds on Ivy?
  11. I have been watching pigeons feeding on Ivy berries, there have been a couple of hundred birds in a strip of trees every morning this week, been watching them on my way to work. what would be the best way to decoy birds on Ivy?
  12. Is anybody a member of the national pigeon and pest control. I have recently been on the nppc website this looks like a good thing. Is it? Also is there any land available in Leicestershire?
  13. After some of your advice Gentleman, i took my car in for repair last Monday, it needed a service and was suffering from a squeak and a smell of exhaust fumes in the cab, after leaving it with them they diagnosed an exhaust manifold gasket, 250 quid including a service and alternator belt. phoncall later saying it needed a new exhaust system, bill goes up fair enough. picked car up Thursday night it still has a smell of fumes,still in the cab, still has a squeak, and now the fuel injection warning light is on, whats the best way to approach the garage and what rights do i have? so far they ha
  14. Recently bought a hilux pick up and am looking for some storage solutions. A rear canopy is out of the question due to them being silly money cheapest I found was an ifor williams alluminium one but still around £600 with the Vat. Alternatively I have found a large alluminium tool chest on e bay for £150 so thinking of getting two of them and bolting them down length ways. I won't be carrying much apart from some decoys and guns shooting equipment etc it's not a works vehicle so only carrying shopping of a weekend so I think these two boxes should be enough anybody else use these for carrying
  15. Hi guys, Hoping to get some advice if possible? I bought my wife a clay lesson this time last year in the hope that she would love it and want to come again and I would eventually gain a shooting buddy for weekend clay bashing! I have only used my new shotgun twice before rifle shooting took over and fancied getting out on the clays again. Well, as expected she loved it to bits, shot well and came away wanting to go back again. Great, I thought, I knew having her try it would work!! However, the following day she was in a lot of pain. She is petite and had been given a shoulder
  16. Rat problem at my dads farm! We have alot of rats really annoying my dad as they are ruining all the barley and meal for the cows & sheep. So we really want rid of them. My dad is really not a fan of poison as he says you don't know where the rats carry it and he doesn't like it with the dogs around. Also similar with traps as the rats are HUGE so takes really big steel bear claw type traps to get them which would probably kill the dog if he was to walk over it! so he doesn't use it anymore. We have got a few with the Jack Russell and sticks Yes sticks (Yard Brush Shafts to be exact). It i
  17. So I have had it in the back of my mind for a while that it would be nice to get into reloading, but have really been looking for somone who is giving up of the like so I can get a full set up for a reasonable price. So I thaught I would ask PW for advice So I have seen this for sale and have no idea if this will be ok, ie. if it will be up to date, data avalable ect. and also if it is a good price?! (I have abosulutly no idea, but looks like it could get me started) So the ad is as follows: "Redding loader old model but ok ,20kgs shot mainly 6,s 2,000 primers,qty 1oz plswads tin nob
  18. Hi guys i use my old baikal o/u fixed choke for pigeon and crows and the odd bunter. even though i have shot for many years with it i am considering a lighter and smaller gauge, possibly a 20 bore for the same pursuits.the reason for change is i am 8 stone wet have a very light frame and i am finding moving through the late side of 40 my muscle mass and tone is not what it used to be.i have found on a few occasions this year when rattling off consecutive shots (if i am lucky enough) that i am feeling it both in fatigue and also discomfort. i also walk a bit with the gun so a lighter tool requ
  19. Hi all, Trying to navigate though the new world of cyber meet and greet and throwing a line out to anyone that might be able able to help... Last year I returned back to the glorious rolling hillsides of Hampshire, after a 5 year stint in dry dusty Australia and I'm looking to meet someone/people that wouldn't mind giving me abit of a intro back into shooting.. I started shooting when I was about 12 originally with an old 410 hammer action poachers side by side, shooting pigeons and rats, rabbits, going along with a family friend on a rough shoot he was a member of. Then went alo
  20. ratus

    Wind Turbines

    Hi, Are there any members on here, that are employed in the wind turbines industry, or have been, as I'm looking towards that line of work, and wondered what courses i would require to complete to hopefully become more employable in that field, any advice would be greatly accepted. I'm in the Colchester area. Many thanks Ratus
  21. OK folks, out there i am in the process of looking for new outdoor wellies. I've decided i quite like the Hunters. Quick question to those of you who own a pair, do you need to go up a size to accommodate thick socks? e.g If you are size 10, do you need size 11 to wear thick socks inside em. Advice much appreciated. All the best. Aled
  22. looking for advice , thinking of buying a pump action gun for pigeon, vermin and fowling. I own a Beretta ultra lite and looking for something for the rough stuff. My Friends dont rate the pump action , was looking at winchester and remington what do you guys think?
  23. I am looking to buy my first rifle and along with it my first scope I have put off buying a rifle for a couple of years for all sorts of reasons but have now decided to take the plunge and I have to admit that as much as i love shooting with rifles i actually don't know a lot about scopes and moderators. I getting a .243 and i would very much appreciate ANY ADVICE ON SCOPES and moderators, with recommendations of different scopes, in different price ranges (above £200) and reasons why. I am looking for a good quality scope that will be versatile for lamping foxes and stalking deer. (arou
  24. Evening all, Just looking for a few tips on selecting shotguns and maybe some recommendations. Hopefully in the next few weeks I'll be getting my sgc, all being well and will be looking for an all round shotgun for myself, for clay, pigeon abd poss bolting rabbit with 200-300 to spend? My consider buying a little something for my son (12) to use on clays, Any recommendations or advice would be great!! Thanks
  25. Hi Guys and Girls just bought a CZ452 17hmr The one with the synthetic stock and silver barrel etc. took it out to squeeze of a few rounds and what a horrible trigger way to heavy. So can you guys and girls reccomend me some kits and where I can get them from please.
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