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Found 12 results

  1. Hi All, myself and my son are experienced beaters (4/5 seasons) on a rough shoot, mixed cover and bramble woodland with our 7 & 3 year old Cocker Spaniels, unfortunately mid-season last year the landlord of out shoot in Kent decided he didn't want a soot there any more and closed it down mid-season! We managed to get onto the Marks Tey shoot for the last few of the season and my lad got to shoot on keeper's day (I don't shoot). Whilst we have an invite back to Marks Tey this coming season and beyond we would like something a little closer to home (Romford), ideally Brentwood area. I have been trying to get hold of the Hainault shoot and have this week spoken to them but it seems they have enough dogs and beaters. If you have vacancies or know of a shoot that does, please let me know and we can arrange to meet pre-season or on pigeon. Cheers.
  2. Hi it's possible we may have a place for our shoot in Henley-in-Arden. It's a small very informal rough shoot. We put down roughly 100 ex layers 100 ducks, and show about 10 days per season. There is pest control Out of Season. Preference would be given to someone living locally and someone with a dog. If you've got a dog and live locally and you will be welcomed with open arms! Cost is about£400 for a full gun final cost to be determined when we meet in June but it will be around that amount. Drop me a private message if you're interested with your phone number I'll give you a call back and see how the situation is, of course isn't guaranteed but the shoot captain asked me to put this out because some of the members we're getting on a bit and we're not sure whether they will make it for this season. Thanks Martin
  3. Morning everyone, I am a new member to pigeon watch, however my shooting compadre and I have been shooting for over 30 years. I have joined pigeon watch in the hope that one of its member may be able to help identify a 'rough shoot' either on or within a 50 mile radius of the Wirral, as the one we previously used in Angelsey has now unfortunately closed. My colleague Matt and I are really keen rough shooters and we would be incredibly grateful if anyone could help us out. many thank Mike
  4. Hi took 2 pw members out today and we decided to have a walk around ended the rough shooting with this nice bag , the 2 are now duck flighting please see picture attached cheers Fenny
  5. Hi looking to walk some ditches and drains next week for duck and pheasant finishing with a duck flight on some drains looking for 3 guns £65 per gun cheers Fenny
  6. Hi all, As a quick note of introduction - I've been shooting (mainly .22 rim fire, .223 and 12 bore shotguns) in North Yorkshire for the last few years, and have recently relocated can to Maidenhead, Berkshire. I've also bought a BSA R10 mk 2 air rifle and am looking for a permission to go shooting. I enjoy shooting pigeons, crows, squirrels and rabbits etc, and would love to get a fox! My postcode is SL6 9LR and I'm happy anywhere with in an hours drive. I'm a responsible chap and a BASC member - so am fully insured. I can be free all day most weekends and occasionly on a week day. Would be very great full to anyone who can help me out... Thanks, Craig.
  7. Hi all, Trying to navigate though the new world of cyber meet and greet and throwing a line out to anyone that might be able able to help... Last year I returned back to the glorious rolling hillsides of Hampshire, after a 5 year stint in dry dusty Australia and I'm looking to meet someone/people that wouldn't mind giving me abit of a intro back into shooting.. I started shooting when I was about 12 originally with an old 410 hammer action poachers side by side, shooting pigeons and rats, rabbits, going along with a family friend on a rough shoot he was a member of. Then went along as a half gun on the same rough shoot and I absolutely loved it, got my shotgun licence owned a few labs decided the country life was for me.. then I hit 18 and booze and girls and gave up . I have never shot to a high standard but I just love being out, walking for hours, being with the dogs sitting in hides WAITING..!! Since I have been back I've tried to make contact with the old club I was part of but most of the old boys I went with I guess, don't have the internet.. I'm looking to join a rough shoot and chip in with feeding of birds, maintainanace of pens/woodland etc, I'd like to come along for a few days and not shoot and then join for next year, ideally carrying on abit of out of season pest control with my new shooting family.. I'm based in Portsmouth/Southampton half way in between but I'm neither Pompey or saints. I'm work mon-fri till 5 as an electrician so shooting sat would suit me best.. If you can put me in touch with any clubs I'd be more than grateful, I'm not looking for huge bags or a huge cost thanks in advance, Mike
  8. Been shooting now for 6 months and getting consistent with the clays at around 80%. Looking for any rough shooting / Vermin control in the areas mentioned. I am licensed and insured with own gear. If anyone knows of anything that may help me get out shooting a little more I would really appreciate it. I am slowly trying all the knocking on doors but no luck as yet but will keep trying. Thanks in advance
  9. Hi sorry its late notice but due to Mrs Fenny having a luncheon date tomorrow I have got the opportunity to offer a days game shooting followed by pigeon roost then duck flight I am looking for 2 to 3 guns and the cost is £30 per gun cheers Fenny
  10. Hi all. Just a quick shout out to see if there is anyone in Shropshire that can provide either one of the following 1) A syndicate with small bags/rough shoot/mini driven shooting at a reasonable price within Shropshire 2) Some beating other general help around the shoot in exchange for the chance to do a bit of ferreting or pigeon shooting? I have been shooting since i could hold a gun and have full BASC insurance Many thanks for your time in the matter Steven
  11. Rough Shooting near Northop in North Wales (easy access - 5 minutes from A55 expressway and not far from Chester.) We have two vacancies to join our small, friendly rough shoot which was established around 10 years ago. We rear and release pheasants each year and enjoy a few informal days in season on Saturdays/Wednesdays, as well as rough shooting year around. There are pheasants, wild duck, geese, snipe, woodcock, wood pigeon, and crows. Good pigeon shooting over crops / stubble in the Summer. We overlook the River Dee, and have good wooded areas & several flight ponds. Membership would suit safe guns looking for year round rough shooting with some informal organised shoot days in season. Guns with dogs preferred, but not essential. £350 per Gun. Please send PM if you would like more details. Cheers, Spitzer
  12. Hello, We have some opportunities for full and half Gun membership of our friendly game shoot in North Wales (about 15 minutes from Chester) . It is a stand and beat shoot, shooting on 8 Saturdays throughout the season with several pheasant drives on each shoot day. Ducks are driven over standing Guns and there are also woodcock on the shoot. Vermin is controlled through the year with good pigeon/crow shooting over crops, and rabbit shooting in the Summer months. The farms are pasture with some arable crops, plenty of hedgerows and several well placed woodlands. We also grow a cover crop and have two duck ponds. The land lies across 2 small valleys so the drives provide some challenging birds. We have two release pens and rear a few hundred pheasants and some ducks each year. There are voluntary work parties in the summer, a summer fun clay shoot and social, and an informal shoot dinner in January. We aim to have enjoyable shoot days with memorable birds, rather than just “how many are in the bag?”. Saying that, we do aim for and regularly get, bags of 30+ and make sure that every Gun has fair and equal opportunities to shoot. The shoot has improved and grown each year, and we are expecting this year to be even better again. The bag is shared at the end of the shoot day and everyone gets at least a brace to take home if they so wish. We have syndicate rules to ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment of shoot days. Guns with dogs are preferred, but not essential as we also have some regular volunteer beaters. If you are interested please pm me and we can arrange to chat on the ‘phone and meet for a walk around the shoot before membership is offered/taken. Some PW guys are already members and I am sure that they will give you their views! Full Guns £780 8 days (plus 1st February rough shoot) Summer vermin shooting. ½ Guns £440 4 days (plus 1st February rough shoot) Summer vermin shooting. There is also a one-off Joining fee of £30 Opportunities are limited, so send me a pm as soon as you can if you are interested.. Spitzer
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