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Getting expanding foam off hands

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Ok I no I'm going to get my leg pulled but I've got expanding foam all over my hands, I've been trying to get it off for nearly 3 hrs.

I've had a bath

A shower

Used every soap in the house

Tried washing up powder


White spirit

I've been on google and says I need acidtone found in nail polish remover so asked my neighbours and all their removers are acidtone free.

Really could do with your help, I'm shooting Tom and its our shoot meal in the evening.


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WD40 or anything with a solvent like brake cleaner etc.


Failing that get an axe, switch the iron on for 10 mins, chop at the wrists and the quarterize the wound with the hot iron like a real man.




You'll have to wear it off :good:


Not like that! You'll go blind! :blink:

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