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Hatsan escort semi-auto jammed choke

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Morning everyone hope everyone is enjoying the festive period and more importantly the shooting 😄 anyway yesterday I tried clays for the first time a whilst there tried to change my choke but it seems to have ceased in pretty good. Apart from brute force that may possibly damage the gun anyone have an idea how to get this out?? Possibly some sort of specialised solvent


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.





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Remove the barrel and insert it choke side down into a small bucket or small container (I used a pasta tuperware container) and pour in some liquid wd40 if you can get it both down the inside of the barrel and outside or some deisel and leave it for a couple of days that should help. You can also trying pouring boiling water over the end of the barrel for a couple of minutes as this will cause a slight expansion of the barrel end and then try removing the choke.

It worked for me. Good luck



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Had the same bother with my sx3 I was told stick it in cocacola for a few days..... It stripped the paint off the barrel but didn't help the choke, gentle heat and try mole grips on your choke key for a bit more leverage worked a treat for me

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guys to stop this use heavy grease on the threads.


you only need to check em over once in a month or so. but then it needs to be cleaned and re-applied.


also use on the bearing section of the hinge of your O/U.


i knew someone who totally ruined an o/u in under 6 months. the repair bill was not light. it doesnt need to be much, but put some grease on it. all mating faces and heavy wear areas.


my O/U and sxs are still extremely tight, and gravity alone will not open them when the opening lever is opened. and they are coming up to nearly 8 -9 years.


the reason for this is that it`ll take longer to "wear in" and even longer to "wear out "

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If, and hopefully, when you get the choke removed, after cleaning it, put a smear of Copperslip grease on the threads (and all other chokes)

This is an excellent grease for chokes etc. I've been using this make of grease for 30 years.




Shop around for the best price. (Halfords sell it, but not sure of the cost) A small tube goes a long way.

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I have removed several stuck chokes from almost every make of gun from cheap to expensive, none of them mine I hasten to add. I have always stood the barrel, choke down, in a container with about 3" of diesel fuel oil. Leave for at least 2 days, preferably more and then use a CORRECTLY FITTING choke key to attempt removal. If it fails, put back in diesel, for a further 3 days and try again. If this also fails, I would suggest it is beyond the scope of an amateur and professional help should be sought. Once having removed the choke,clean all traces of rust with fine steel wool and 3 in 1 oil, wipe clean, coat with Lucas red gun oil,remove monthly and repeat, it will not stick again.

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