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the truck and the guy just don't look like like one of the golden earing / caravan brigade to me. the truck and the high vis just look to sort of clean and organised to me. So how long is it going to be before there is a knock at his door? there are a lot of clues there and there must be other cameras in the area. there are vehicle recognition cameras everywhere and he must be floating around local to the area with two bulk bags on the back. from a supply yard / builders merchant. But then again it isn't as bad a speeding ticket or an on the spot fine. they got to do a bit of leg work on this one. perhaps he is being left to kill some gay driver or someone else so that it is easier to prove. who knows.


They have moved with the times.

They dress like any other workmen these days ,have clean vans ,some with 0800 numbers on the side ,and do jobs other than tarmac.

I have some on a permanent local site like this doing block paving,who I am told are quite professional.

The accent and manner usually give them away,but some are even losing that .

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According to the press this morning, the reg number number comes back as untraceable.

Yep, and you can bet your life the vehicle as got no tax, mot or insurance and he will have paid cash and given a bogus address at the builders merchants.


if he was one of our traveling friends? have you ever seen what happens to police vehicles when they go looking for stolen plant on these travellers sites.


Don't hold out much hope of finding him or the wagon.

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***** or foreign (EDIT sorry, murderous muslim extremist) is my guess :oops:


Why is foreign allowed but not p.i.k.e.y


How scared are the admin on here?


Not meant to talk about religion etc (heaven forbid we should chat about issues that affect us) but islam is not banned allowing threads to start about it, but when it is about the caravan living thieves it gets blocked.


Had enough of the namby pamby on here forbidding my right to free speech.


10 seconds to 'right on' person reporting, 30 seconds to post removal :lol:


OK, I was wrong, my apologies, sure a mod will be along soon to sort it out.


****, just realised I am an angry man!


Oh the irony

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He'll do this to the wrong person at some point and end up on his back with a broken jaw.

I have to say that if it was me he did that to, he'd have that broken jaw coupled with the shovel so far down his throat it would put another take on the phrase shoveling ****. Pathetic little man.


It would be interesting to see who on here would retaliate against a violent threat like that or is it a total no no and don't risk your gun license or life.

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