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decent bag on rape

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you will never see many posts from me with a bag on rape because usually the bags are not worth  posting I,m talking of half a dozen or 10 etc, but every now and then we get a decent bag on rape that is worth posting, I hadn't been out for weeks due to the weather and shooting pheasants last 2 weekends of the season, we had been shooting them on stubbles from july  right through winter up to middle of jan, they have left the stubbles and are now on the rape in  a few different areas, I met up with the old fella at one of the  the fields gate  we had a look at other rape fields  and settled on a field with a good number on it and birds flighting in we   picked a spot and set up at 11.45 they decoyed a treat not wary at all of the decoys or rotary which makes a change on rape some nice shooting and plenty of doubles from both of us  finished at 3.15 with 63 picked  lost 6 


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Nice bag. They seem to be moving more this last ten days or so and I am out in the morning on a rape field at the request of the farmer. They were pouring in late this afternoon so i'm hoping to have something to post as well. Will have to travel light as because of the very soft wet ground the closest I can get to a shooting spot is a 400yrd trudge. 

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