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Friday evening I checked out last week's pea stubble fields and found about 200 down feeding. I wasn't that sure it would produce and after a conversation with Motty we decided to spilt up, he would shoot some laid barley and I would try the pea stubble. I set up with the wind in my back between two fields spilt by a dyke. I decided with the expectation of a hot day I set up at 9 with the intention if it got to hot to pack up. I set up with a rotary and two dead birds, with the rotary slightly to my left. The problem I had was the main flight line was from behind me and I often let birds go thinking they would decoy  , only to watch them fly past. So I decided if possible to take these if I saw them earlier enough. I had 50 by 12 and Motty called to say his was not happening so he came to join me. The birds were very testing at times and easy at others time . The heat got to me at 3 o'clock and we packed up with 124 on the clicker, picking 116.



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Good report, my friend. It was some great shooting, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Lovely driven birds and some tough crossers.

The breeze from behind made it feel a few degrees cooler, which was welcome.

Some of the pigeons had rape and barley in their crops, so it was still much needed crop protection. With the amount of pigeons we saw today, I think we need to do some more!

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7 hours ago, JDog said:

Those peas have been harvested and some round here were only drilled last week. Well done the Eminems.

Our Peas should be coming off this weekend , they used to recon it take 3 months ( 13 weeks ) from drilling to vineing , ours were drilled on the 7th of April so if they do come off this weekend then the 13 week Pea wont be far out.

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11 hours ago, aga man said:

Great result. Days like these motty should take his video camera, some very good shooting I bet.

I should have taken the camera, as some good shots would have been filmed. I still have my last outing on the clover to edit. I will get round to that soon.


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