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57 minutes ago, MWildfowler said:

Right i know this may sound silly but I've decided to go for the Armsan A612 12g with a 28" barrel. My question is what size gun slip will i need?



i used mine today they are good guns,you will like it.

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1 hour ago, MWildfowler said:

@Scullyi could but my Mrs is buying me some stuff as a gift so I need to let her know the size so she can order it for me 

Fair enough. I had to buy a Benelli slip for my Benelli as it was the only one long enough. Not a problem really, but I’m not keen on obvious logos, and this one couldn’t be more obvious! 

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On 22/11/2020 at 14:43, MWildfowler said:

Lol i see. I think i may just wait until i get the gun and then measure it and see maybe that'll be easier

Google it’s overall length 👍🏻 I just googled it quickly and it came back at 48 3/8” , but please do your own checks I’d hate to be responsible for you buying the wrong length. 

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13 hours ago, MWildfowler said:

@Spr1985 yes I got the same length so a 51” slip should suffice? 

I would be inclined to agree with @JTaylor91 above, and go with the 54” slip I’d rather have a touch too much room than not enough, also as he says it will also comfortably house a slightly longer gun should the need arise. 

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