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Dog off food loose and been sick

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So pip been off her food since Christmas morning pup this down to the excitement of the day  ! She ate a small amount of leftovers  She has been loose and sick today but has walked and seemed happy. Tummy does not seem bloated or sensative. She has been kept away from chocolate Christmas cake etc.

tried various different foods but nothing seems to interest her she is drinking normal amount. 

don’t believe she has eaten anything so when do I need to start worrying? 

Thanks Agriv8 

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He said she’s been kept away from Christmas cake I thought? 

She hasn’t eaten anything she’s not supposed to has she? 

What is she normally fed? Any signs of anything in poop? 

I feed chappie tinned when upset stomach it’s very good for bad stomachs. 

You can add slippery elm / tree bark powder to firm up, or if bad I give prokolin paste, buy it off Amazon as the vets charge 2-3x more per tube. 

If not sorted in few days I’d go to vets. 


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Thanks all - very Sure pip has been kept away from Christmas cake and mince pies ! Learnt that lesson and vets bill previously!

still being picky about what she eats but is picking at chicken and rice plus still drinking! She is not a food driven dog at the best of times !!

She is still loose but heading the right way but has not been sick she is still not 100% but feel she is getting better and definitely not getting any worse !

I think she was sniffing around some sick as pubs still shut ! So possibly dog sick a  day or two before Christmas Eve so I think possibly konnie hit the nail on head ! 

if she takes a turn for the worse or still not improving I will get her down vets tomorrow! 

Thanks you all for your time Agriv8 & Pip

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Pip back on full sprocker mode sat her out of two drives on Monday then an invite to a tidy up day up on the moors Tuesday !  Food in and out back to normal ! 

first time working on snow on moors and a full ‘ walking Gun line’ a couple of indiscretions but the positives far out wayed  the negatives.

Next area of work is the stop whistle seems to have stopped working  !!

but a couple of retrieves not quite to hand but again she was knackered and was released on second command. Picked birds for guns on both sides that did not have a dog !

anyway a photo of a very nakered dog - a very proud owner! 

Regards Agriv8 


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