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  1. Always found jackdaws the easiest of the crow tribe to decoy or call .
  2. I have used a BRNO sleet gun always thought they had a bit of choke in them .was surprised at ranges I shot stuff at .Lot of sleet guns carried some choke .
  3. Jug choke I had a Greener blue rock one of the barrels had been butchered .Harold Faulkner recess choked it and regulated the barrel at improved cylinders.it shot a great pattern . He could only cut a small jug as the barrel was quite thin at the end . This was a long time ago.His daughter is a gunsmith now.
  4. Get someone who reloads to show you is your best bet.Also read Nosler reloading guide.
  5. Try deeper crimp starter .I sometimes punch some paper discs to put over shot or thin cork discs .
  6. I prefer pigs liver nicer taste
  7. I remember buying one box of maximum 6 in a box of 25 early60s .from stensbys the gunmaker .In them days I had to make cartridges last . Next time I went in they had gone . About the same time the keeper at Worsley used a 16 he used Alphamax 4 .
  8. Alphamax were about for a long time but not Maximum 16s were only out for a very short time in the 60s.
  9. Used a few years ago don’t think they made them for long .
  10. A mate of mine used maxi 5 paper cases years ago in his Black powder hammer gun .
  11. dipper

    Big spider

    Sat in conservatory having a coffee.Saw this spider on the wall 2 1/2” long big body and big legs .At first I thought it was a joke spider had a close look and it was real .rang my daughter to have a look .Sometimes find large spiders in the house but this one was huge .
  12. dipper


    Try changing your cartridges .
  13. Next door had roof done used all the time now .
  14. Speaking to my mate who shoots with me.He’s on the shoot at least twice a week shooting mostly the black stuff .He said this last few weeks he’s seen a few about .Try and get down this week looking good for rabbit casserole.
  15. Only have a rifle to head shoot bunnies for the pot .love casserole rabbit with RHD even if it looks clean you don’t really know .can you tell when you paunch them . Who would feel ok to eat them now .?
  16. Bolton town hall is 200 ft that would be a long shot .
  17. 7 acres isn’t very much I have close on 1000 just not many about around here .Could be R H D .
  18. Folkestones a better firm to deal with much cheaper as well .Last time I went there the guy ripped me off.
  19. Don’t know if anybody knows this .I get the odd bottle of red from Aldi they do have some good wine but for me it’s pot luck .Talking to my oldest daughter She’s had a very interesting life she wanted to find out about wine so she got a job at Hobins for 6 month .She said if the bottles got a dimple in the bottom it’s Usually a good wine . So far she was right .
  20. Buffer is used to protect shot from distortion steel will not deform.
  21. Never had a problem with very old cartridges .Used cartridges loaded with obsolete powders.Got box of gran prix 5 paper to shot about 4 they are from the 50s.A mate buy cartridges from auctions all paper r t and shoots them all
  22. Good morning all .Anyone after loading a 10 mainly 2 7/8” The Parker gun forum is well worth looking at. You might need to join the forum. Loads can be adapted to shorter cases.
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