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I don't know if it's everywhere or just here, but for the last year or so our vet doesn't allow the owners into the premises with their animal.

Kaya, our ridgeback has been a bit poorly for a few days. When a ridgeback won't eat, you know something is wrong. She couldn't get comfortable and just sat outside staring into space so we took her to the vets.

Ridgebacks are not keen on anyone but their owners handling them and the vet and nurse couldn't even take her temperature. (She has a note on her record for being "difficult" which they found out giving her her booster jab last year). The vet gave her an anti-sickness jab but it made no difference and by the evening her eyes were dull and she was shivering so we called the emergency vet and explained the situation. 

We took her to the same vet practice but a different vet at 11.00pm and with my wife present (they had to meet in the lambing shed) she took bloods, took her temperature and gave her a painkilling jab that let her sleep that night. 

After 2 days not eating and drinking very little she was diagnosed with pancreatitis and given antibiotics. They worked very quickly and Kaya was nearly back to her old self yesterday and seems much brighter today.

It's a happy ending this time but I wonder how many bad endings there have been because owners weren't allowed in to reassure their dogs so couldn't diagnose correctly? Seems odd you can go into a shop or pub but not a vets. 



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Same here walshie, I took my malinois in a few weeks ago and they insisted no one was allowed in, was only a matter of minutes before they called me in as he went ballistic, they are one man dogs and he wasn’t happy I wasn’t with him 😆

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Our Vets charged me £28 for a telephone consultation, even though my dog could hardly stand, on the phone they agreed she needed to see the vet who collected her from the car park, five minutes later, according too the vet she had been scanned, given a full health check. had a booster injection and told us nothing was wrong with her. A few days later her condition was worse could not get up on her back legs, rang for an emergency appointment. told me I would have to have a telephone consultation. I told them what they could do this time, the vet saw her diagnosed a large tumour in her stomach put to sleep. Not saying she could have been saved but that little girl was in pain five days longer than was necessary, for what?  

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